Hebrews 11

1Is but faith, of things being hoped for a basis, of things a conviction not being seen. 2By this for were attested the ancients. 3In faith we perceive to have been adjusted the ages by a word of God, in order that not out of things appearing the things being seen to have happened. 4In faith more sacrifice Abel than Cain offered to the God, through which he was attested to be righteous, testifying on the gifts of him of the God; and through her having died yet speaks. 5In faith Enoch was translated, of the not to see death; and not he was found, because translated him the God; before for the translation of him he had obtained testimony to have well pleased the God. 6Without but faith impossible to have pleased; to believe for it is necessary the one coming near to the God, because he is, and to those seeking him a rewarder he becomes. 7In faith being divinely Noah concerning the not yet things being seen, having been piously afraid built an ark for a preservation of the house of himself; through which he condemned the world, and of the according to faith righteousness became an heir. 8In faith being called Abraham was obedient to go forth into the place, which he was about to receive for an inheritances, and he went forth, not knowing where he was going. 9In faith he sojourned in the land of the promise as a stranger, in tents having dwelt, with Isaac and Jacob of the joint-heirs of the promise of the same; 10was waiting for that the foundations having city, of which a designer and architect the God; 11In faith also herself Sarah power for a laying down of seed received, even beyond a proper time of life, since faithful she regarded the one promising. 12Therefore even from one were born, and these things having been dead, like the stars of the heaven for the multitude, and like the sand that by the shore of the sea the innumerable, 13In faith died these all, not having received the promises, but far distant them having seen and having saluted, and having confessed, that strangers and sojourners they are on the earth. 14Those for such things saying make known that a country they seek. 15And if indeed that they remembered from which they came forth, they would have had a season to have returned; 16now but a better they long after, this is, heavenly. Therefore not is ashamed of them the God, a God to be called of them; he prepared for for them a city. 17In faith offered up Abraham the Isaac being tried, and the only-begotten was offering up he the promise having received, 18to whom it was said: That in Isaac shall be called to thee a seed; 19inferring, that even out of dead ones to raise up is able the God; whence him also in a similitude he recovered. 20In faith concerning things being to come blessed Isaac the Jacob and the Esau. 21In faith Jacob dying each of the sons of Joseph blessed; and bowed down on the top of the staff of himself. 22In faith Joseph ending concerning the going out of the sons of Israel reminded, and concerning the bones of himself gave charge. 23In faith Moses being born was hidden three months by the parents of himself, because they saw beautiful the babe; and not they did fear the mandate of the king. 24In faith Moses great having become refused to be called a son of a daughter of Pharaoh, 25rather choosing to suffer evil with the people of the God, than for a season to have of sin enjoyment; 26greater wealth having regarded of the Egypt treasures the reproach of the Anointed; he looked away for towards the reward. 27In faith he left Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; the for unseen one as seeing he was strong. 28In faith he has made the passover and the pouring on of the blood, so that not the one destroying the first-borns, might touch of them. 29In faith they passed through the red sea as through a dry place; which a trial attempting the Egyptians, were swallowed up. 30In faith the walls of Jericho fell, having been encompassed for seven days. 31In faith Rahab the harlot not was destroyed with those unbelieving, having received the spies with peace. 32And what further may I say? Will fail for me relating the time concerning Gideon, Barak also and Samson, and Jepthah, David also and Samuel, and the prophets; 33who by means of faith subdued kingdoms, performed righteousness, obtained promises, closed up, mouths of lions, 34quenched power of fire, escaped mouths of sword, were made strong from weakness, became mighty ones in war, camps overturned of foreigners; 35received women from a resurrection the dead ones of themselves; others but were beaten to death, not having accepted the redemption, so that a better resurrection they might obtain. 36Others but of mockings and of scourges a trial received, further but of bonds and of imprisonment; 37they were stoned, they were sawn a sunder, they were tempted, by slaughter of sword they died; they went about in sheepskins, in goat skins, being in want, being afflicted, being ill-treated, 38(of whom not was worthy the world,) in deserts wandering and in mountains, and in caves and in the holes of the earth. 39And these all having been attested by means of the faith, not did obtain the promise, 40the God concerning us a better thing having foreseen, so that not apart from us they might be made perfect.
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