Hebrews 2

1On account of this it behooves more earnestly us to attend to the things having been heard, lest perhaps we should glide away. 2If for the through messengers having been spoken word was firm, and every deviation and imperfect hearing received a just retribution; 3how we shall escape so great having disregarded a salvation? which a beginning having received to be spoken through the Lord, by those having heard for us was confirmed, 4co-attesting the God by signs both and by prodigies, and by various powers, and of spirit holy by distributions, according to the of himself will. 5Not for to messengers he did subject the habitable that about coming, concerning which we speak. 6Testified but somewhere one, saying: What is man, that thou dost remember him; or a son of man, that thou dost observe him? 7Thou didst make less him a little while then messengers; with glory and with honor thou didst crown him; 8all things thou didst place under the feet of him. In for the to be subjected to him the things all, nothing is left to him unsubjected; now but not yet we see to him the things all having been placed. 9The but a short time than messengers having been made less we see Jesus on account of the suffering of the death with glory and with honor having been crowed; so that by favor of God on behalf of all he might taste of death. 10It was fitting besides for him, for whom the things all and through whom the things all, many sons into glory leading the prince of the salvation of them through sufferings to perfect. 11He both for sanctifying and those being sanctified out of one all; for which cause not he is ashamed brethren them to call, 12saying: I will announce the name of thee to the brethren of me, in midst of a congregation I will praise thee. 13And again: I will be having trusted in him; and again: Lo, I and the children which to me gave the God. 14Since then the children have been sharers of flesh and blood, also he in like manner partook of the of them, so that by means of the death he might make powerless him the strength having of the death, that is the accuser, 15and might set free them as many as by fear of death through all of the life held in were slavery. 16Not for in any manner of messengers he takes hold, but of seed of Abraham he takes hold. 17Hence he was obliged in all things to the brethren to be made like, so that merciful he might be and faithful high-priest the things as to the God, in order to the to expiate the sin of the people. 18By what for he has suffered himself having been tried, he is able to those being tried to render aid.
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