John 10

1Indeed indeed I say to you, he not entering through the door into the fold of the sheep, but going up another way, he a thief is and a robber; 2he but entering through the door, a shepherd is of the sheep. 3To him the door-keeper opens; and the sheep the voice of him hears; and the own sheep he calls by name, and he leads out them. 4And when the own sheep he puts forth, before them he goes; and the sheep him follows, because they know the voice of him. 5A stranger but not not they may follow, but will flee from him; because not they know of the strangers the voice. 6This the parable said to them the Jesus; they but not knew, what was, which he spoke to them. 7Said then again to them the Jesus: Indeed indeed I say to you, that I am the door of the sheep. 8All as many as came before me, thieves are and robbers; but not heard them the sheep. 9I am the door; through me if any one may come in, he shall be saved, and shall come in and go out, and pasture shall find. 10The thief not come, if not that he may steal and may kill, and may destroy; I come, that life they may have, and abundance may have. 11I am the shepherd the good; the shepherd the good the life of himself lays down in behalf of the sheep. 12The hireling but, and not being a shepherd, of whom not are the sheep own, see the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep, and flees; and the wolf seizes them, and scatters the sheep. 13The but hireling flees, because an hireling he is, and not it concerns him about the sheep. 14I am the shepherd the good; and know the mine, and am known by the mine, 15as knows me the Father, and I know the Father; and the life of me I lay down in behalf of the sheep. 16And other sheep I have, which not is of the fold this; also them me it behooves to lead; and the voice of me they will hear, and there will be one flock, one shepherd. 17Through this the Father me loves, because I lay down the life of me, that again I may receive her; 18no one takes her from me, but I lay down her of myself; authority I have to lay down her, and authority I have again to receive her; this the command I received from the Father of me. 19A division then again occurred among the Jews through the words these. 20Said and many of them: A demon he has, and is mad; why him hear you? 21Others said: These the words not are of one being demonized; not a demon is able blind eyes to open? 22Occurred now the feast of dedication in the Jerusalem, and winter it was; John 10:23 and was walking the Jesus in the temple, in the porch of Solomon. 24Surrounded therefore him the Jews, and said to him: Till when the life of us dost thou take? If thou art the Anointed, tell us plainly. 25Answered them the Jesus: I told you, and not you believe. The works, which I do in the name of the Father of me these testify concerning me. 26But you not believe; not for you are of the sheep the mine. 27As I said to you, the sheep the mine the voice of me hears, and I know them, and they follow me; 28and I life age-lasting give to them, and not not they will perish into the age, and not will wrest any one them out of the hand of me. 29The father of me, who has given to me, greater of all is; and no one is able to wrest out of the hand of the Father of me; 30I and the Father one are. 31Took up then again stones the Jews, that they might stone him. 32Answered them the Jesus: Many good works I showed you from the Father of me; because of which of them work do you stone me? 33Answered him the Jews saying: Concerning a good work not we stone thee, but concerning blasphemy, and that thou, a man being, makest thyself a god. 34Answered them the Jesus: Not is it having been written in the law of you: I said, gods you are? 35If them he called gods, to whom the word of the God came, and not is able to be broken the writing; 36whom the Father set apart, and sent into the world, you say: That thou blasphemest, because I said, A son of the God I am? 37If not I do the works of the Father of me, not you believe me. 38If but I do, and if me not you believe, the works believe you; that you may know and you may believe, that in me the Father, and I in him. 39They sought therefore again him to seize; and he went forth out of the hand of them. 40And he went again beyond the Jordan, to the place where was John the first dipping; and abode there. 41And many came to him, and said: That John indeed a sign did not one; all but what things said John concerning this, true was. 42And believed many there into him.
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