John 11

1Was and certain sick one, Lazarus, from Bethany, out of the village of Mary and Martha the sister of her. 2(Was and Mary the having anointed the Lord with balsam, and wiped the feet of him with the hairs of herself; of whom the brother Lazarus was stick.) 3Sent therefore the sisters to him, saying: O lord, lo, whom thou lovest is sick. 4Having heard and the Jesus said: This the sickness not is to death, but on account of the glory of the God, that may be glorified the son of the God through her. 5Loved now the Jesus the Martha, and the sister of her, and the Lazarus. 6When then he heard, that he was sick, then indeed he abode in which he was place two days. 7Then after this he says to the disciples: Let us go into the Judea again. 8Say to him the disciples: Rabbi, now sought thee to stone the Jews, and again goest thou there? 9Answered Jesus: Not twelve are hours of the day? If any one may walk in the day, not he stumbles, because the light of the world this he sees. 10If but any one may walk in the night, he stumbles, because the light not is in him. 11These things he said; and after this he says to them: Lazarus the friend of us is fallen asleep; but I go, that I may awake him. 12Said then the disciples of him: O lord, if he is fallen asleep, he shall be saved. 13Had spoken but the Jesus about the death of him; they but thought, that concerning the repose of the sleep he speaks. 14Then therefore said to them the Jesus plainly: Lazarus died; John 11:15 and I rejoice because of you, that you may believe, that not I was there; but we may go to him. 16Said then Thomas, that being called a twin, to the fellow-disciples: May go also we, that we may die with him. 17Coming therefore the Jesus found him four days already been in the tomb. 18Was now the Bethany near the Jerusalem, about from furlongs fifteen. 19And many of the Jews had come to those about Martha and Mary, that they might comfort them concerning the brother of them. 20The then Martha when she heard, that Jesus was coming, met him; Mary but in the house was sitting. 21Said then the Martha to the Jesus: O lord, if thou hadst been here, the brother of me not would have died; 22but and now I know, that whatever things thou mayest ask the God, will give to thee the God. 23Says of her the Jesus: Will rise again the brother of thee. 24Says to him Martha: I know, that he will rise again, in the resurrection in the last day. 25Said to her the Jesus: I am the resurrection and the life; he believing into me, even if he may die, he shall live; 26and all the living and believing into me, not not may die into the age. Believest thou this? 27She says to him: Yes, O lord, I have believed, that thou art the Anointed, the son of the God, he into the world coming. 28And these things saying, she went, and called Mary the sister of her privately, saying: The teacher is present, and calls thee. 29She when she heard, rises up quickly, and comes to him. 30(Not yet now had come the Jesus into the village; but was in the place, where met him the Martha.) 31The therefore Jews, those being with her in the house and were comforting her, seeing the Mary, that quickly she rose up and went out, followed her, saying: That she goes into the tomb, that she may weep there. 32The therefore Mary when came where was the Jesus, seeing him, she fell of him to the feet, saying to him: O lord, if thou hadst been there, not would have died of me the brother. 33Jesus therefore when he saw her weeping, and those having come with her Jews weeping, he was agitated in the spirit, and troubled himself, 34and said: Where have you laid him? They say to him: O lord, come, and see. 35Wept the Jesus. 36Said then the Jews: See, how he loved him. 37Some but of them said: Not was able this, he having opened the eyes of the blind to have caused, that even this not should die? 38Jesus therefore again being agitated in himself, comes to the tomb. It was now a cave, and a stone was lying on it. 39Says the Jesus: Take away the stone. Says to him the sister of the having died, Martha: O lord, now he smelling; fourth day for it is. 40Says to her the Jesus: Not I said to thee, that if thou wouldst believe, thou shalt see the glory of the God? 41They took away then the stone. The but Jesus lifted up the eyes above, and said: O Father, I give thanks to thee, that thou didst hear me. 42I and knew, that always me thou hearest; but on account of the crowd that standing I spoke, so that they may believe, that thou me has sent. 43And these things saying, with a voice loud he cried out: O Lazarus, come out. 44Came out he having been dead, having been bound the feet and the hands with bandages, and the face of him with a napkin bound about. Says to them the Jesus: Loose you him, and allow to go. 45Many therefore of the Jews, those having come to the Mary, and having gazed upon what he did, believed into him. 46Some but of them went to the Pharisees, and told them what did the Jesus. 47Assembled then the high-priests and the Pharisees a high council, and said: What are we doing? because this the man many signs does. 48If we allow him thus, all will believe into him; and will come the Romans, and will take away of us both the place and the nation. 49One and a certain of them, Caiaphas, high-priest being of the year that, said to them: You not know nothing. 50Neither do you consider, that it is better for us, that one man should die in behalf of the people, and not whole the nation should perish. 51This but from himself not he said; but high-priest being of the year that, he prophesied, that was about Jesus to die in behalf of the nation; 52and not in behalf of the nation alone, but that also the children of the God those having been scattered he should gather into one. 53From that therefore the day they took counsel together, that they might kill him. 54Jesus therefore no longer publicly walked among the Jews, but went away thence into the country near the desert, into Ephraim being called a city; and there remained with the disciples of himself. 55Was and near the passover the Jews; and went up many into Jerusalem out of the country before the passover, that they might purify themselves. 56They sought then the Jesus, and said with each other in the temple standing: What think you? that not not he may come to the feast? 57Had given now both the high-priests and the Pharisees a commandment, that if any one should know where he is, he should show, how they might seize him.
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