John 5

1After these things was a feast of the Jews, and went up the Jesus to Jerusalem. 2Is now in the Jerusalem, by the sheep-gate, a swimming bath, that being called in Hebrew Bethesda, five porches having. 3In these were lying a multitude great of those sick, blind, blame, withered waiting the of the water moving. 4A messenger for at a season went down in the swimming-bath, and agitated the water; he then first stepping in after the agitation of the water, sound became, who indeed was held by disease. 5Was and a certain man there, thirty and eight years being in the feeble health. 6This seeing the Jesus lying, and knowing that long already time he had been, he says to him: Do thou wish sound to become? 7Answered him he sick being: O sir, a man not I have, that when may be agitated the water, he may put me into the swimming-bath; in which but am coming I, another before me goes down. 8Says to him the Jesus: Rise, take up the bed of thee, and walk. 9And immediately became sound the man, and took up the bed of himself, and walked. It was and a sabbath in that the day. 10Said then the Jews to the having been healed: A sabbath it is; not it is lawful for thee to carry the bed. 11He answered them: He having made a sound, he to me said: Take up the bed of thee, and walk. 12They asked then him: Who is the man, he saying to thee: Take up the bed of thee, and walk? 13He but having been cured not knew who it is; the for Jesus slipped out, a crowd being in the place. 14After these finds him the Jesus in the temple, and said to him: See, sound thou hast become; no longer do thou sin, that so worse to thee anything may happen. 15Went away the man, and told to the Jews, that Jesus it is, he having made him sound. 16And through this persecuted the Jesus the Jews, because these he did in a sabbath. 17The and Jesus answered them: The father of me till now works, and I work. 18Through this therefore more sought him the Jews to kill, because not only he was breaking the sabbath, but also a Father his own said the God, equal himself making to the God. 19Answered then the Jesus and said to them: Indeed indeed I say to you, not is able the son to do of himself nothing, if not anything he may see the Father doing; what for ever he may do, these also the son in like manner does. 20The for Father loves the son, and all shows to him, what he does; and greater of these shows to him works, so that you may wonder. 21As for the Father raises the dead ones and makes alive; thus also the son, whom he will, makes alive. 22Not even for the Father judges any one; but the judgment all has given to the son; 23so that all may honor the son, even as they honor the Father. He not honoring the son, not honors the Father, that having sent him. 24Indeed indeed I say to you, that he the word of me hearing, and believing, the having sent me has life age-lasting, and into judgment not comes, but has passed out of the death into the life. 25Indeed indeed I say to you, that comes an hour, and now is, when the dead ones shall hear the voice of the son of the God; and those having heard will live. 26As for the Father has life in himself; so he gave also the son life to have in himself. 27And authority he gave to him also judgment to execute, because a son of man he is. 28Not wonder you this; because comes an hour, in which all those in the tombs, shall hear the voice of him, 29and shall come forth, those the good things having done, to a resurrection of life; those and the evil things having done, to a resurrection of judgment. 30Not am able I to do of myself nothing. Even as I hear, I judge, and the judgment the mine just is; that not I seek the will the mine, but the will of the sending me. 31If I testify concerning myself, the testimony of me out not is true. 32Another is he testifying concerning me; and I know, that rue is the testimony, which he testifies concerning me. 33You have sent to John, and he has testified to the truth. 34I but not from a man the testimony receive; but these things I say, that you may be saved. 35He was the lamp the burning and shinning; you and were willing to rejoice for an hour in the light of him. 36I but have the testimony greater of the John; the for works, which gave to me the Father, that I might finish them, these the works, which I do, testifies concerning me, because the Father me has sent. 37And he having sent me Father himself has testified concerning me. Neither a voice of him have you heard at any time, nor form of him have you seen. 38And the word of him not you have abiding in you; because whom sent he, this you not believe. 39You search the writings, because you think in them life age-lasting to have; and they are those testifying concerning me; 40and not you are willing to come to me, so that life you may have. 41Glory from men not I receive; 42but I have known you, that the love of the God not you have in yourselves. 43I have come in the name of the Father of me, and not you receive me; if another should come in the name the own, him you will receive. 44How are able you to believe, glory from one another receiving, and the glory that from the only God not you seek? 45Not think you, that I will accuse you to the Father; is he accusing you, Moses, into whom you have hoped. 46If for you believe Moses, you would believe me; concerning for me he wrote. 47If but the of him writings not you believe, how the my words will you believe.
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