John 6

1After these things went the Jesus over the sea that of Galilee, of the Tiberias. 2And was following him a crowd great, because they saw the signs, which he was doing on those being sick. 3Went and into the mountain the Jesus, and there he was sitting with the disciples of himself. 4Was and near the passover, the feast of the Jews. 5Lifted up then the Jesus the eyes, and seeing that great a crowd was coming to him, says to the Philip: Whence shall we buy loaves, that may eat these? 6(This but he said trying him; he for knew, what he was about to do.) 7Answered him Philip: Two hundred denarii of loaves not are enough for them, so that each of them a little may take. 8Says to him one of the disciples of him, Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter: 9Is little boy one here, who has five loaves barley, and two small fishes; but these what are for so many? 10Said and the Jesus: Make you the men to recline. Was and grass much in the place. Reclined therefore the men the number about five thousand. 11Took and the loaves the Jesus, and having thanks distributed to the disciples, the and disciples to those reclining; in like manner also of the fishes what they wished. 12When and they were filled, he says to the disciples of himself: Collect the remaining fragments, so that not any may be lost. 13They collected therefore, and filled twelve baskets of fragments, out of the five loaves of the barley, which remained to those having eaten. 14The therefore men seeing what did a sign the Jesus, said: That this is truly the prophet, he coming into the world. 15Jesus therefore knowing that they were about to come, and to seize him, that they might make him a king, retired again into the mountain himself alone. 16As and evening it became, went down the disciples of him on the sea. 17And stepping into the ship, they were going over the sea to Capernaum. And dark now it had become, and not had come to them the Jesus. 18The and sea, a wind great blowing was becoming agitated. 19Having driven therefore about furlongs twenty-five or thirty, they see the Jesus walking on the sea, and near the ship was coming; and they were afraid. 20He but says to them: I am, not fear you. 21They were willing therefore to receive him into the ship; and immediately the ship was at the land, to which they were going. 22The next day the crowd, that standing over the sea, seeing, that boat other not was there, if not one, and that not went with the disciples of himself the Jesus into the boat, but alone the disciples of him went away; 23(other but came boats from Tiberias near the place, where they ate the bread, having given thanks the Lord;) 24when therefore saw the crowd, that Jesus not is there, nor the disciples of him, they entered themselves into the boats, and came to Capernaum, seeking the Jesus. 25And finding him beyond the sea, they said to him: Rabbi, when here didst thou come? 26Answered them the Jesus and said: Indeed indeed I say to you: You seek me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate of the loaves, and were filled. 27Work you not the food that perishing, but the food that abiding into life age-lasting, which the son of the man to you will give; him for the Father sealed the God. 28Said therefore to him: What shall we do, that we may work the works of the God? 29Answered the Jesus and said to them: This is the work of the God, that you may believe into whom sent he. 30They said therefore to him: What then doest thou sign, that we may see and we may believe thee? what doest thou work? 31The fathers of us the manna ate in the desert, as it is having been written: Bread from the heaven gave them to eat. 32Said therefore to them the Jesus: Indeed indeed I say to you, not Moses has given to you the bread from the heaven; but the Father of me gives to you the bread from the heaven the true. 33The for bread of the God is he coming down from the heaven, and life is giving to the world. 34They said then to him: O sir, always give to us the bread this. 35Said but to them the Jesus: I am the bread of the life; he coming to me, not not may hunger; and he believing into me, not not may thirst ever. 36But I said to you, that even you have seen me, and not you believe. 37All what gives to me the Father, to me will come; and the coming to me, not not I will cast out; 38because I have come down from heaven, not that I may do the will the mine, but the will of having sent me. 39This and is the will of the having sent me, that every which he has given to me, not I may lose out of it, but raise up it in the last day. 40This for is the will of the having sent me, that all who seeing the son, and believing into him, may have life age-lasting; and will raise him I in the last day. 41Were murmuring then the Jews about him, because he said: I am the bread that having come down from the heaven; 42and they said: Not this is Jesus the son of Joseph, of whom we know the father and the mother? How then he says this: That from the heaven I have come down? 43Answered the Jesus and said to them: Not murmur you with one another. 44No one is able to come to me, if not the Father, that having sent me, may draw him, and I will raise up him in the last day. 45It is having been written in the prophets: And they shall be all taught of God. Every one who having heard from the Father and having learned, comes to me. 46Not that the Father any one has seen, if not he being from the God; this has seen the Father. 47Indeed indeed I say to you, he believing into me, has life age-lasting. 48I am the bread of the life. 49The fathers of you ate the manna in the desert, and died: 50This is is the bread, that from the heaven coming down, so that any one of it may eat, and not may die. 51I am the bread that living, that from the heaven having come down; if any one may eat of this the bread, he shall live into the age. And the bread also, which I will give, the flesh of me is, which I will give in behalf of the world life. 52Were contending therefore with one another the Jews, saying: How is able this to us to give the flesh to eat? 53Said them to them the Jesus: Indeed indeed I say to you, if not you may eat the flesh of the son of the man, and you may drink of him the blood, not have life in yourselves. 54He eating of me the flesh, and drinking of me the blood, has life age-lasting; and I will raise up him in the last day. 55The for flesh of me truly is food, and the blood of me truly is drink. 56He eating of me the flesh, and drinking of me the blood, in me abides, and I in him. 57As sent me the living Father, and I live through the Father; also he eating me, even he shall live through me. 58This is the bread, that from the heaven having come down; not as ate the fathers of you, and died; he eating this the bread, shall live into the age. 59These things he said in a synagogue teaching in Capernaum. 60Many therefore having heard of the disciples of him, said: Hard is this the saying; who is able it to hear? 61Knowing but the Jesus in himself, that were murmuring about this the disciples of himself, he said to them: This you offends? 62If then you should see the son of the man ascending, where he was the first? 63The spirit is that making alive; the flesh not profits nothing. The words, which I speak to you, spirit is and life is. 64But are of you some, who not believe; knew for from beginning the Jesus, some are who not believing, and who is he about betraying him. 65And he said: Through this I have said to you that no one is able to come to me, if not may be having been given to him from the Father of me. 66From this many went the disciples of him into the things behind; and no longer with him were walking. 67Said therefore the Jesus to the twelve: Not and you wish to go? 68Answered him Simon Peter: O lord, to whom shall we go? words of life age-lasting thou hast; 69and we have believed and have known, that thou art the holy one of the God. 70Answered them the Jesus: Not I you the twelve choose? and of you one an accuser is. 71He spoke now the Judas of Simon Iscariot; this for was about him to deliver up, one being of the twelve.
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