Luke 1

The but Mary the Magdalene and Mary of Joses beheld, where he was laid.1Since many have undertaken to prepare a narrative about those having been fully established among us facts, 2even as delivered to us those from a beginning eye-witnesses and ministers having been of the word; 3it seemed right also to me, having traced from the first all accurately, in an orderly manner to thee to write, O most excellent Theophilus, 4that thou mayest know concerning which thou hast been taught of words the certainly. 5Was in the days of Herod, the king of the Judea, a priest certain name Zacharias, of course of Abia; and the wife of him of the daughters of Aaron, and the name of her Elisabeth. 6They were and righteous both in presence of the God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless. 7And not was to them a child, because the Elisabeth was barren, and both having been advanced in the days of them were. 8It happen now in the to perform sacred rites him in the order of the course of him before of the God, 9according to the custom of the priesthood it fell to his lot of the to burn incense, entering into the temple of the Lord; 10and whole the multitude was of the people praying without to the hour of the incense burning. 11Appeared and to him a messenger of a Lord, standing at right of the altar of the incense. 12And was troubled Zacharias seeing, and fear fell upon him. 13Said but to him the messenger: Not fear, Zacharias; because has been heard the prayer of thee, and the wife of thee Elisabeth shall bear a son to thee; and thou shalt call the name of him John. 14And he shall be a joy to thee and exultation, and many at the birth of him shall be glad. 15He shall be for great in sight of a Lord; and wine and strong drink not not he may drink; and a spirit of holy shall be filled yet out of womb of mother of himself. 16And many of the sons of Israel shall he turn to a Lord the God of them. 17And he shall precede in the sight of him in spirit and power of Elias, to turn hearts of fathers to children, and disobedient by wisdom of just (ones), to make ready for a Lord a people having been prepared. 18And said Zacharias to the messenger: By what shall I know this? I for am an old man, and the wife of me far advanced in the days of herself. 19And answering the messenger said to him: I am Gabriel, the having attended in presence of the God; and I am sent to speak to thee, and to tell glad tidings to thee these. 20And lo, thou shalt be having been dumb, and not being able to speak, till which day may be done these; because of which not thou hast believed the words of me, which shall be fulfilled into the season of them. 21And was the people waiting for the Zacharias; and wondering in the to delay him in the temple. 22Coming out but not he was able to speak to them; and they perceived, that a vision he has been in the temple; and he was making signs to them, and remained dumb. 23And it happened as were filled the days of the ministration of him, he went to the house of himself. 24After and these the days conceived Elisabeth the wife of him; and hid herself months five, saying: 25That thus to me has done the Lord in days, which he looked on to take away the reproach of me among men. 26In now the month the sixth was sent the messenger Gabriel by the God to a city of the Galilee, to which a name Nazareth, 27to a virgin having been betrothed to a man, to whom a name Joseph, of house of David; and the name of the virgin, Mary. 28And coming the messenger to her, said: Hail, having been favored; the Lord with thee. having been blessed thou among women. 29She but at the word was greatly agitated, and pondered, what could be the salutation this. 30And said the messenger to her: Not fear, Mary; thou hast found for favor with the God. 31And lo, thou shalt conceive in womb, and shalt bear a son, and thou shalt call the name of him Jesus. 32This shall be great, and a son of highest he shall be called; and shall give to him a Lord the God the throne of David the father of him; 33and he shall reign over the house of Jacob to the ages, and of the kingdom of him not shall be and end. 34Said but Mary to the messenger: How shall be this, since a man not I know? 35And answering the messenger said to her: A spirit holy shall come upon thee, and a power of highest shall overshadow thee; therefore and the being begotten holy, shall be called a son of God. 36And lo, Elisabeth the kinswoman of thee, even she having conceived a son in old age of her; and this month sixth is to her the being called barren. 37For not shall be impossible with the God every word. 38Said and Mary: Lo, the handmaid of a Lord; may it be done to me according to the word of thee. And went from her the messenger. 39Arising and Mary in the days those, she went into the hilly country with haste, into a city of Juda. 40And entered into the house of Zacharias, and saluted the Elisabeth. 41And it happened, as heard the Elisabeth the salutation of the Mary, leaped the babe in the womb of her; and was filled a spirit of holy the Elisabeth, and she cried out with a voice great and said: 42Having been blessed thou among women; and having been blessed the fruit of the womb of thee. 43And whence to me this, that should come the mother of the Lord of me to me? 44Lo for, as came the voice of the salutation of thee into the ears of me, leaped the babe in exultation in the womb of me. 45And happy she having believed, that shall be a fulfillment to those having been told to her from a Lord. 46And said Mary: Magnifies the soul of me the Lord, 47and has exulted the spirit of me in the God the savior of me; 48for he looked upon the low state of the handmaid of himself. Lo for, from the now will call happy me all the generations; 49for has done to me great things the mighty one; and holy the name of him, 50and the mercy of him to generations of generations to those fearing him. 51He has showed strength with arm of himself; he has dispersed arrogant ones in thought of hearts of them. 52He has cast down mighty ones from thrones, and lifted up humble ones. 53Hungering one he filled of good things, and being rich be sent away empty. 54He aided Israel a child of himself, to remember mercy. 55(as he spoke to the fathers of us), to the Abraham and to the seed of him even to an age. 56Abode and Mary with her about months three; and returned to the house of her. 57To the now Elisabeth was fulfilled the time of the to bear her; and she brought forth a son. 58And heard the neighbors and the kindred of her, that had magnified a Lord the mercy of himself towards her; and they rejoiced with her. 59And it came to pass, in the eight day they came to circumcise the little child; and called it, after the name of the father of him, Zacharias. 60And answering the mother of him said: No; but he shall be called John. 61And they said to her: That no one is among the kindred of thee, who is called to the name this. 62They made signs then to the father of him, the what he would desire to be called him. 63And having requested a tablet, he wrote, saying: John is the name of him. And they wondered all. 64Was opened and the mouth of him immediately, and the tongue of him and he spoke blessing the God. 65And came on all a fear those dwelling around them; and in whole the hilly-country of the Judea talked of through out all the things these. 66And placed all those having heard in the heart of themselves, saying: What then the child this will be? And hand of Lord was with him. 67And Zacharias the father of him was filled a spirit of holy, and prophesied, saying: 68Blessed Lord, the God of the Israel; for he was visited and wrought redemption to the people of himself, 69and raised up a horn of salvation to us in the house of David the servant of himself 70(even as he spoke through mouth of the holy ones, of those from age, of prophets of himself); 71a salvation from enemies of us, and from hand of all those hating us; 72to perform mercy with the fathers of us, and to remember covenant holy of himself, 73an oath, which he swore to Abraham the father of us, of the to give to us, Luke 1:74 without fear, from hand of the enemies of us having been rescued, to worship him 75in holiness and righteousness in presence of him, all the days of us. 76And thou, little child, a prophet of highest shalt be called; thou shalt go for before face of a Lord, to prepare ways of him, 77of the to give knowledge of salvation to the people of him, in forgiveness of sins of them, 78on account of tender mercies of God of us, by which he has visited us a rising from on high 79to shine to those in darkness and shade of death sitting, of the to guide the feet of us into a way of peace. 80The now little child grew, and became strong in spirit; and was in the deserts, till day of manifestation of him to the Israel.
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