Luke 12

1In those having been assembled of the myriads of the crowd, so as to tread upon one another, he began to say to the disciples of himself: First take heed to yourselves of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 2Nothing and having been covered is, which not shall be uncovered; and secret, which not shall be known. 3On which account what in the dark you speak, in the light shall be heard; and what to the ear you spoke in the closets, shall be published on the house-tops. 4I say and to you the friends of me: Not you be afraid of those killing the body, and after these not having more anything to have done. 5I will point out and to you, whom you should fear; you should fear the after the to have killed, authority having to cast into the gehenna; yes I say to you, this fear you. 6Not five sparrows are sold assarii two? and one out of them not is being forgotten in presence of the God. 7But also the hairs of the head of you all have been numbered. Not therefore fear you; many sparrows you are better. 8I say and to you: All whoever may confess to me in presence of the men, also the son of the man will confess in him in presence of the messengers of the God. 9He but having denied me in presence of the men, will be denied in presence of the messengers of the God. 10And all who shall speak a word against the son of the man, it will be forgiven to him; to the but against the holy spirit having spoken evil not will be forgiven. 11When and they may bring you to the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, not be you anxious, how or what you may answer, or what you may say; 12the for holy spirit will teach you in this the hour, what it is proper to say. 13Said and one to him out of the crowd: O teacher, speak to the brother of me to divide with me the inheritance. 14He and said to him: O man, who me appointed a judge or a divider over you? 15He said and to them: See you and beware you of the covetousness; because not in the to abound any one the life of him is out of the possessions of him. 16He spoke and a parable to them, saying: A man certain rich yielded plentifully the farm. 17And he reasoned in himself, saying: What shall i do? because not I have where I will gather the fruits of me. 18And he said: This will do; I will pull down of me the barns, and greater I will build; and I will collect there all the products of me, and the fruits of me; 19and I will say to the soul of me: Soul, thou hast many good things being laid up for years many; rest thou, eat, drink, be glad. 20Said but to him the God: O unwise, this the night the life of thee they require from thee; what and thou hast prepared, for whom shall be? 21Thus he laying up treasure for himself, and not for God being rich. 22He said and to the disciples of himself: Through this to you I say, not be you anxious for the life of you, what you may eat; nor for the body, what you may put on. 23The life greater it is of the food; and the body of the clothing. 24Observe you the ravens, that not they sow, nor reap; for whom not is a store-house, nor a barn; and the God feeds them. How much more you are valuable of the birds? 25Which and of you being anxious is able to add to the age of himself span one? 26If then not even least you are able why about the remaining ones are you anxious? 27Observe you the lilies, how it grows; not it labors, nor it spins. I say but to you, not even Solomon in all the glory of himself was clothed like one of these. 28If and the grass in the field, to-day existing and to-morrow into an oven is being cast, the God so clothes, how much more you, O you of weak faith? 29And you not seek, what you may eat or what you may drink; and not be you in anxiety. 30These for all the nations of the world seeks; of you and the Father knows, that you have need of these. 31But seek you the kingdom of the God, and these all shall be superadded to you. 32Not fear, the little flock; for it has pleased the Father of you to give to you the kingdom. 33Sell you the possessions of you, and give you alms. Make for yourselves bags not growing old, a treasure exhaustless in the heavens, where a thief not approaches, nor moth destroys. 34Where for is the treasure of you, there also the heart of you will be. 35Let be of you the loins having been girded, and the lamps burning; 36and you like to men looking for the lord of themselves, when he will return from the marriage feasts; that having come and having knocked, immediately it may be opened to him. 37Blessed the salves those, whom having come the lord shall find watching; indeed i say to you, that he will grid himself, and will make to recline them, and going forth he will minister to them. 38And if he may come in the second watch, and in the third watch they come, and may find thus; blessed are the slaves those. 39This and know you, that, if had known the householder, in what hour the thief comes, he would watch, and not would allow to dig through the house of himself. 40And you therefore be prepared; because, in the hour not you think, the son of the man comes. 41Said and to him the Peter: O lord, to us the parable this thou sayest, or also to all? 42Said and the Lord: Who then is the faithful steward, the wise, whom will appoint the lord over the domestics of himself the to give in season the measure of food? 43Blessed the slave that, whom coming the lord of him will find doing thus. 44Truly I say to you, that over all to the belonging of himself he will appoint him. 45If but should say the slave that in the heart of himself: Delays the lord of me to come; and shall begin to strike the servants and maidens, to eat and also to drink and to be drunken; 46will come the lord the slave that in a day, to which not he looks, an in an hour which not he knows; and shall cut a sunder him, and the part of him with the unbelievers will place. 47That and the slave who having known the will of the lord of himself, and not having prepared, neither having done according to the will of him shall be beaten many; 48he but not having known, having done and deserving of stripes shall be beaten few. To all and to whom is given much, much will be required from him; and to whom they have entrusted much, more they will ask him. 49Fire i came to throw into the earth; and what do I wish, if already it were kindled. 50A dipping and i have to be dipped; and how I am pressed, till may be finished. 51Do you think, that peace I came to give in the earth? No, I say to you, but rather division. 52Shall be for from the now five in a house one having been divided, three against two, and two against three. 53Will be divided a father against a son, and a son against a father; a mother against a daughter, and a daughter against a mother; a mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law of herself, and a daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law of herself. 54He said and also to the crowd: When you see the cloud rising from west, immediately you say: A shower comes; and it happens so. 55And when south wind is blowing, you say: That burning heat shall be; and it happens. 56O hypocrites, the face of the earth and of the heaven you know to discern; the but season this how not do you discern? 57Why and even of yourselves not judge you the right? 58When for thou goest with the opponent of thee to a ruler, in the way give thou labor to be set free from him; lest he may drag thee to the judge, and the judge thee may deliver to the officer, and the officer thee may cast into prison. 59I say to thee, not not thou mayest come out thence, till even the last lepton thou hast paid.
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