Luke 13

1Were present and some in to him the season, reporting to him concerning the Galileans, of whom the blood Pilate mingled with the sacrifices of them. 2And answering the Jesus said to them: Suppose you, that the Galileans these sinners above all the Galileans were, because such things they have suffered? 3No, I say to you; but except you reform, all in like manner you will perish. 4Or those the ten and eight, on whom fell the tower in the Siloam, and killed them, suppose you, that they offenders were above all men those dwelling in Jerusalem? 5No, I say to you; but except you reform, all in like manner you will perish. 6He spoke and this the parable: A fig-tree had one in the vineyard of himself having been planted; and came seeking fruit on her; and not found. 7He said and to the vine-dresser: Lo, three years came seeking fruit on the fig-tree this, and not find; cut down her; why and the earth it renders useless? 8He and answering says to him: O lord, leave her also this the year, till I may dig about her, and I may put dung; 9and if indeed it may bear fruit; if and not, in the future thou mayest cut down her. 10He was and teaching in one of the synagogues in the sabbaths. 11And lo, a woman was a spirit having of infirmity years ten and eight; and was being bent double, and not being able to raise up for the all time. 12Seeing and her the Jesus, he called to, and said to her: O woman, thou hast been loosed of the infirmity of thee. 13And he placed to her the hands; and immediately she stood erect, and glorified the God. 14Answering and the synagogue-ruler, being angry, because in the sabbath healed the Jesus, he said to the crowd: Six days are, in which it is proper to work; in these therefore coming be you healed, and not in the day of the sabbath. 15Answered therefore to him the Lord, and said: O hypocrites, each one of you in the sabbath not loose the ox of himself or the ass from the stall, and having led he drinks? 16This and, a daughter of Abraham being, whom bound the adversary lo ten and eight years, not ought to be loosed from the bond this in the day of the sabbath? 17And these things saying of him, were ashamed all the opponents to him; and all the crowd rejoiced for all the glorious things those being done by him. 18He said and: To what like is the kingdom of the God? and to what shall I compare her? 19Like it is a grain of mustard, which having taken a man he cast into a garden of himself; and it grew, and became into a tree great, and the birds of the heaven lodged in the branches of it. 20And again he said: To what shall I compare the kingdom of the of God? 21Like it is to leaven, which having taken a woman mixed into of meal measures three, till was leavened whole. 22And he passed throughout cities and towns, teaching, and went on making for Jerusalem. 23Said and one to him: O lord, are few those being saved? He and said to them: 24Agonize you to enter through the strait door; for many, I say to you, will seek to enter, and not will be able. 25From when may be raised the householder, and may have shut the door, and you may begin without to stand, and to knock the door, saying: O lord, O lord, open thou to us; and answering he will say to you: Not I know you, whence you are. 26Then you will begin to say: We are in presence of thee and in the wide places of us thou hast taught. 27And he will say: I say to you, not I know you, whence you are; depart you from me all the workers of the wrong. 28There will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth, when you may see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of the God, you and being cast outside. 29And they will come from east and west, and from north and south; and will recline in the kingdom of the God. 30And lo, they are last, who shall be first; and they are first, who will be last. 31In this the day approached certain of Pharisees, saying to him: Come out, and go thou hence; for Herod wishes thee to kill. 32And he said to them: Having gone say you to the fox this: Lo, I cast out demons and cures perform to-day and to-morrow, and in the third I shall have ended. 33But it behooves me to-day and to-morrow and in the coming to go; for not it is possible a prophet to perish out of Jerusalem. 34Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the killing the prophets, and stoning those having been sent to her, how often I desired to gather the children of thee, what manner a bird the of herself brood under the wings? and not you were willing. 35Lo, is left to you the house of you, I say and to you, that not not you may see, till may come when you may say: Having been blessed he coming in name of Lord.
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