Luke 3

1In year now fifteenth of the government of Tiberius Caesar, being governor Pontius Pilate of the Judea, and being tetrarch of the Galilee Herod, Philip and the brother of him being tetrarch of the Ituria and Trachonitis region, and Lysanias of the Abilene being tetrarch, 2under high-priests Annas and Caiaphas, came a word of God to John, the of Zacharias son, in the desert. 3And he went into all the country about the Jordan, preaching a dipping of reformation into a forgiveness of sins; 4as it is written in a book of words of Esaias the prophet, saying: A voice crying in the desert; Make you ready the way of a Lord, straight make you the beaten tracks of him. 5Every ravine shall be filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and shall be the crooked into straight; and the rough into ways smooth; 6and shall see all flesh the salvation of the God. 7He said then to those coming out of crowds to be dipped by him: O broods of venomous serpents, who pointed out to you to flee from the coming wrath? 8Bring forth then fruits worthy of the reformation; and not you should begin to say in yourselves: A father we have the Abraham. I say for to you, that is able the God out of the stones of these to rise up children to the Abraham. 9Now and even the axe to the root of the trees is placed; every therefore tree not bearing fruit good, is cut down, and into the fire is cast. 10And asked him the crowds, saying: What then should we do? 11Answering and he says to them: He having two tunics, let him share with the not having; and he having meats, in like manner let him do. 12Came and also tax-gathers to be dipped, and said to him: O teacher, what should we do? 13He said to them: Nothing more from that having been appointed to you collect you. 14Asked and him also soldiers, saying: And we what should we do? And he said to them: No one may you extort from, neither may you accuse wrongfully; and be you content with the wages of you. 15Expecting and of the people, and reasoning all in the hearts of them about the John, whether he were the Anointed, 16answered the John to all saying: I indeed in water dip you; comes but the mightier of me, of whom not I am worthy to loose the strap of the sandals of him; he you will dip in spirit holy and fire. 17Of whom the winnowing shovel in the hand of him, and he will thoroughly cleanse the floor of him; and he will gather the wheat into the storehouse of himself, the but chaff he will burn up in fire inextinguishable. 18Many indeed then also other things exhorting he preached glad tidings the people. 19The but Herod the tetrarch, being reproved by him about Herodias of the wife of the brother of him, and about all of which had done evils the Herod, 20added also this to all, and shut up the John in the prison. 21It occurred and in the to have been dipped all the people, and Jesus having been dipped and praying, to have been opened the heaven, 22and to descend the spirit the holy in a bodily form, like a dove, upon him, and a voice out of heaven to have come saying Thou art the son of me the beloved in thee I delight. 23And he was the Jesus about years thirty, beginning, being, as was allowed, a son of Joseph, of the Heli, 24of the Matthat, of the Levi, of the Melchi, of the Janna, of the Joseph, 25of the Mattathias, of the Amos, of the Naoum, of the Esli, of the Naggai, 26of the Maath, of the Mattathias, of the Semei, of the Joseph, of the Juda, 27of the Joanna, of the Rhesa, of the Zorobabel, of the Salathiel, of the Neri, 28of the Melchi, of the Addi, of the Cosam, of the Elmodam, of the Er, 29of the Jose, of the Eliezer, of the Jorem, of the Matthat, of the Levi, 30of the Simon, of the Juda, of the Joseph, of the Jonan, of the Eliakim, 31of the Melea, of the Mainan, of the Mattatha, of the Nathan, of the David, 32of the Jesse, of the Obed, of the Booz, of the Salmon, of the Naasson, 33of the Aminadab, of the Aram, of the Esrom, of the Phares, of the Juda, 34of the Jacob, of the Isaac, of the Abraham, of the Thara, of the Nachor, 35of the Serouch, of the Ragau, of the Phalec, of the Eber, of the Sala, 36of the Cainan, of the Arphaxad, of the Sem, of the Noah, of the Lamech, 37of the Mathusala, of the Enoch, of the Jared, of the Malaleel, of the Cainan, 38of the Enos, of the Seth, of the Adam, of the God.
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