Luke 4

1Jesus and spirit of holy full returned from the Jordan; and was led about by the spirit into the desert, 2days forty being tempted by the accuser. And not he ate nothing in the days those; and being ended of them, afterwards he was hungry. 3And said to him the accuser: If a son thou art of the God, say to the stone this, that it may become a loaf. 4And answered Jesus to him, saying: It is written: That not on bread alone shall live the man, but on every word of God. 5And having led up him the accuser into mountain high, he showed to him all the kingdom of the habitable in a moment of time. 6And said to him the accuser: To thee I will give the authority this all, and the glory of them; that to me it has been prepared, and to whoever I will, I give her; 7thou then if thou wilt do homage before me, shall be to thee all. 8And answering to him said the Jesus: It is written: Thou shalt worship a Lord the God of thee, and to him alone thou shalt render service. 9And he brought him to Jerusalem, and placed him on the wing of the temple; and said to him: If a son thou art of the God, cast thyself from this place down. 10It is written for: That to the messengers of himself he will give charge concerning thee, of the to guard thee; 11and that on hands they shall bear thee, lest thou shouldst strike against a stone the foot of thee. 12And answering said to him the Jesus: That it is said: Not thou shalt tempt a Lord the God of thee. 13And having ended every temptation the accuser, departed from him for a season. 14And returned the Jesus in the power of the spirit into the Galilee; and a report went out through whole the surrounding region about him. 15And he taught in the synagogues of them, being glorified by all. 16And he came into the Nazareth, where he was having been brought up; and entered, according to the custom to him in the day of the sabbaths, into the synagogue; and stood up to read. 17And was delivered to him a roll of Esaias the prophet; and having unrolled the roll, he found the place, where it was having been written: 18A spirit of a Lord upon me; of which on account of he has anointed me to publish glad tidings to poor ones, he has sent me to publish to captives a deliverance, and to build ones recovery of sight, to sent away those having been crushed in freedom, Luke 4:19 to publish a year of a Lord acceptable. 20And having rolled up the roll, having given back to the attendant, he sat down; and of all in the synagogue the eyes were looking steadily to him. 21He began and to say to them: That to-day is fulfilled that writing this in to the ears of you. 22And all bore testimony to him, and wondered at the words of the graciousness, those proceeding out of the mouth of him, and said: Not this is the son of Joseph? 23And he said to them: Surely you will say to me the illustration this: Physician, heal thyself; what things we have heard having been done in Capernaum, do thou also here in the country of thee. 24He said and: Indeed I say to you, that no one a prophet acceptable is in the country of himself. 25In truth but I say to you, many widows were in the days of Elias in the Israel, when was shut up the heaven for years three and months six, so that came a famine great over all the land; 26and to no one of them was sent Elias, if not into Sarepta of the Sidon to a woman a widow. 27And many lepers were in of Elisha the prophet in the Israel; and no one of them were cleansed, if not Naaman the Syrian. 28And they were filled all of wrath in the synagogue, having heard these things. 29And rising up they cast out him outside of the city; and they led him even to a brow of the mountain, on which the city of them was built, so as to cast down him; 30he but passing through midst of them, went away. 31And he came down into Capernaum, a city of the Galilee; and he was teaching them in the sabbaths. 32And they were astonished on the teaching of him; for with authority was the word of him. 33And in the synagogue was a man having a spirit of a demon unclean, and he cried out with a voice loud, 34saying: Ah, what to us and to thee, Jesus O Nazarene? comest thou to destroy us; I know thee who thou art, the holy of the God. 35And rebuked him the Jesus, saying: Be silent, and come out out of him. And having thrown him the demon into midst, came out of him, nothing hurting him. 36And came amazement on all; and talked to one another, saying: What the word this, for with authority and power he commands the unclean spirits, and they come out? 37And went forth a report concerning him into every place of the country around. 38Having risen up and out of the synagogue, he entered into the house of Simon; mother-in-law and of the Simon was seized with fever great; and they asked him about her. 39And standing above her, he rebuked the fever; and it left her. Forthwith and rising up she served them. 40Setting and of the sun, all as many as had being afflicted with disease various, brought them to him; he and one by one separately of them the hands having placed, he healed them. 41Came out and also demons from many, crying out and saying: That thou art the son of the God. And rebuking not he permitted them to say, that they knew the Anointed him to be. 42Being come and day, coming out he went into a desert place; and the crowds sought him, and came to him, and urged him not to depart from them. 43He but said to them: That also to the other cities to publish glad tidings me must the kingdom of the God; because for this I have been sent forth. 44And he was preaching in the synagogue of Galilee.
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