Luke 7

1When and he had ended all the words of him in the ears of the people, he entered into Capernaum. 2Of a centurion and certain slave sick being, was about to die, who was to him valuable. 3Having heard about the Jesus, he sent to him elders of the Jews, asking him, that coming he would save the slave of himself. 4They and having come to the Jesus, they besought him earnestly, saying: That worthy he is, for whom thou wilt confer this; 5he loves for the nation of us, and the synagogue he built for us. 6The and Jesus went with them. Already and of him not far being distant from the house, sent to him the centurion friends, saying to him: O sir, not be thou troubled; not for I am worthy, that under the roof of me thou shouldst enter; 7therefore not even myself I deemed fit to thee to come; but speak a word, and will be healed the boy of me. 8Even for I am a man am under authority being set, having under myself soldiers; and I say to this: Go, and he goes; and to another: Come, and he comes; and to the slave of me: Do this, and he does. 9Hearing and these the Jesus, admired him; and turning, to the following him crowd he said: I say to you, not even in the Israel so great faith I have found. 10And having returned those having been sent into the house, they found the being sick slave being well. 11And it happened in the next, he was going to a city being called Nain; and were going with him the disciples of him many and a crowd great. 12As and he drew near to the gate of the city, and lo, was being carried out a dead man, a son only born to the mother of himself, and she a widow; and a crowd of the city great was with her. 13And seeing her the Lord, he had compassion of her, and said to her: Not weep. 14And coming up he touched the bier; and those and bearing stood still. And he said: O young man, to thee I say, rise. 15And sat up dead, and began to speak; and he gave him to the mother of him. 16Seized and a fear all, and they glorified the God, saying: That a prophet great has risen among us, and that has visited the God the people of himself. 17And went out the word this in whole the Judea concerning him, and in all the surrounding country. 18And told John the disciple of him about all these. 19And having called two certain of the disciples of himself the John, sent to the Jesus, saying: Thou art the coming one, or another are we to look for? 20Having come and to him the men they said: John the dipper has sent us to thee, saying: Thou art the coming one, or another are we to look for? 21In this and the hour he delivered many from diseases and plagues and spirits evil, and to blind ones many he gave the to see. 22And answering the Jesus said to them: Going away relate to John what you have seen and heard; that blind ones see again, lame ones are walking about, lepers are cleansed, deaf ones are hearing, dead ones are raised up, poor ones are addressed with glad tidings; 23and blessed is, whoever not may be stumbled in me. 24Having departed and the messengers of John, he began to say to the crowds concerning John: What have you come out into the desert to see? a reed by wind being shaken? 25But what have you come out to see? a man in soft garments having been clothed? Lo, those in clothing showy and in luxury living in the royal places are. 26But what have you come out to see? a prophet? Yes I say to you, and much more of a prophet? 27This is, concerning whom it is written: Lo, I send the messenger of me before face of thee, who shall prepare the way of thee in presence of thee. 28I say for to you; a greater among offspring of women prophet of John the dipper not is; the but less in the kingdom of the God, greater of him is. 29And all the people having heard, and the tax-gatherers, justified the God, having been dipped the dipping of John. 30The but Pharisees and the lawyers the purpose of the God set aside for themselves, not having been dipped by him. 31To what then shall I compare the men of the generation this? and to what are they like? 32Like they are boys those in a market sitting, and calling to one another, and saying: We have played the flute for you and not you have danced; we have mourned for you, and not you have wept. 33Has come for John the dipper, neither bread eating, nor wine drinking; and you say: A demon he has. 34Has come the son of the man, eating and drinking; and you say: Lo, a man glutton and wine-drinker, a friend of tax-gatherers and sinners. 35And is justified the wisdom by the children of herself all. 36Asked and one him of the Pharisees, that he might eat with him; and entering into the house of the Pharisee, he reclined. 37And lo, a woman in the city, who was a sinner, knowing that he reclines in the house of the Pharisee, having brought an alabaster box of balsam, 38and standing behind at the feet of him, weeping, she began to wet the feet of him with the tears; and with the hairs of the head of herself wiped, and kissed the feet of him, and anointed with the balsam. 39Seeing but the Pharisee that having called him, spoke in himself, saying: This if he was a prophet, would know, who and what the woman, who touches him; that a sinner she is. 40And answering the Jesus said to him: Simon, I have to thee something to say. He and says: O teacher, say. 41Two debtors were to a creditor certain; the one owed denarii five hundred, the and other fifty. 42Not having and of them to pay, both he forgive. Which then of them, say more him will love? 43Answering and the Simon said: I suppose that to whom the more he forgave. He and said to him: Rightly thou hast judged. 44And turning to the woman, to the Simon he said: Seest thou this the woman? I came of thee into the house; water for the feet of me not thou gavest; she but with the tears she wet of me the feet, and with the hairs of herself was wiped. 45A kiss to me not thou gavest; she but from of her came in, not has ceased kissing for me the feet. 46With oil the head of me not thou didst anoint; she but with balsam anointed the feet of me. 47Therefore, I say to thee, have been forgiven the sins of her the many, for that she loved much; to whom but little is forgiven, little he loves. 48He said and to her: Have been forgiven to thee the sins. 49And began those reclining with to say in themselves: Who this is, who even sins forgives? 50He said and to the woman: The faith of thee has saved thee; go in peace.
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