Mark 10

1And from thence arising he comes into the borders of the Judea, by the other side if the Jordan; and come together again crowds he taught them. 2And approaching Pharisees asked him: If it is lawful for a man a wife to release? trying him. 3He and answering said to them: What to you did enjoin Moses? 4They and said: Moses allowed a scroll of separation to be written, and to release. 5And answering the Jesus said to them: For the hardness of heart of you he wrote to you the commandment this. 6From but a beginning of creation a male and a female he made them the God 7On account of this shall leave a man the father of himself and the mother, and shall be closely united to the wife of himself. 8And shall be the two into flesh one. So that no longer they are two, but one flesh. 9What then the God has joined together, a man not disunites. 10And in the house again the disciples of him concerning of the him asked him. 11And he says to them: Whoever may release the wife of himself, and may marry another, commits adultery with her. 12And if a woman may release the husband of herself, and may be married to another, commits adultery. 13And they brought to him little children, that he might touch them; the but disciples rebuked those bringing. 14Seeing but the Jesus was displeased, and said to them: Allow the little children to come to me, not hinder them; of the for such like is the kingdom of the God. 15Indeed I say to you, whoever not may receive the kingdom of the God like a little child, not not may enter into her. 16And embracing in his arms them, having placed the hands upon them, he blessed them. 17And going out of him into a way, running up one, and kneeling before him, he asked him: O teacher good, what must I do, that life age-lasting I may inherit? 18The and Jesus said to him: Why me callest thou good? no one good, if not one, the God. 19The commandments thou knowest: Not thou must commit adultery; Not thou must kill; Not thou must steal; Not thou must testify falsely; Not thou must defraud; Honor the father of thee, and the mother. 20He but answering said to him: O teacher, these all I kept from childhood of me. 21He but Jesus looking on him, loved him, and said to him: One to thee lacks; go, whatever thou hast sell, and give to the poor; and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and hither, follow me, take up the cross. 22He but looking sad at the word, went away sorrowing; he was for having possessions many. 23And looking round the Jesus, says to the disciples of himself: How hardly those the riches having into the kingdom of the God shall enter. 24They and disciples were astonished at the words of him. The but Jesus again answering says to them: Children, how difficult it is those having confidence in the riches, into the kingdom of the God to enter. 25Easier it is a camel through the hole of the needle to pass, than a rich man into the kingdom of the God to enter. 26They and greatly were amazed, saying among themselves: And who is able to be saved? 27Looking on and to them the Jesus says: With men impossible but not with the God; all for possible is with the God. 28Began the Peter to say to him: Lo, we left all, and followed thee. 29Answering the Jesus said: Indeed I say to you, no one is, who has left houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or fields, on account of me and on account of the glad tidings, 30if not he may receive a hundred fold, now in the season this, houses, and brothers, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and fields, with persecutions, and in the age to come life age-lasting. 31Many but shall be first, last; and last, first. 32They were and in the way going up to Jerusalem; and was going before them the Jesus; and they were amazed, and following they were afraid. And taking aside again the twelve, he began to them to tell the things being about to him to happen: 33For lo, we go up to Jerusalem, and the son of the man will be delivered up to the high-priests and to the scribes; and they will condemn him to death, and they will deliver up him to the Gentiles, 34and they will mock him, and they will scourge him, and they will spit upon him, and they will kill him; and the third day he will stand up. 35And come to him James and John, the sons of Zebedee, saying: O teacher, we wish, that whatever we may ask, thou mayst do for us. 36He but said to them: What do you wish to do me for you? 37They and said to him: Give to us, that one at right of thee, and one at left of thee we may sit in the glory of thee. 38The and Jesus said to them: Not you know what you ask. Are you able to drink the cup, which I drink, and the dipping, which I am dipped, to be dipped? 39They and said to him: We are able. The and Jesus said to them: The indeed cup, which I drink, you will drink; and the dipping, which I am dipped, you will be dipped; 40the but to sit at right of me and at left, not is mine to give, but to whom it has been prepared. 41And having heard the ten, they began to be angry about James and John. 42The but Jesus having called them, he says to them: You know, that those presuming to rule the nations, lord it over them, and the great of them exercise authority over them. 43Not so but it shall be among you; but whoever may wish to become great among you, shall be of you a servant; 44and whoever may wish of you to become first, shall be of all a slave. 45And for the son of the man not came to be served, but to serve, and to give the life of himself a ransom for many. 46And they come into Jericho; and going out of him from Jericho, and the disciples of him, and a crowd great, a son of Timeus, Bartimeus the blind, sat by the way begging. 47And hearing, that Jesus the Nazarene it is, he began to cry out and to say: The son of David, Jesus, have pity me. 48And rebuked him many, so that he might be silent; he but much more cried out: O son of David, have pity on me. 49And stopping the Jesus, said him to be called; and they called the blind, saying; to him: Take courage, rise up; he calls thee. 50He and throwing off the mantle of himself, arising came to the Jesus. 51And answering says to him the Jesus: What dost thou wish I may do to thee? The and blind said to him: Rabboni, that i may see again. 52The and Jesus said to him: Go; the faith of thee has saved thee. And immediately he saw again, and followed him in the way.
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