Philippians 1

But also you the every one, each one the of himself wife thus let love as himself; the and wife so that she may reverence the husband.1Paul and Timothy, bondmen of Jesus Anointed, to all the holy ones in Anointed Jesus, to those being in Philippi, with overseers and servants; 2favor to you and peace from God a Father of us, and Lord Jesus Anointed. 3I give thanks to the God of me on every the remembrance of you, 4always in every prayer of me on behalf of all of you, with joy the prayer, 5making in respect to the fellowship of you for the glad tidings, from first day till the now; 6having been persuaded same this thing, that the one having begun in you a work good, will complete till a day of Jesus Anointed; 7as it is just for me this to think concerning all of you, because the to have me in the hearts of you, in both the bounds of me and in the defence and confirmation of the glad tidings, joint-contributors of me of the free gift all of you being; 8a witness for of me is the God, how I long after all of you in bowels of Anointed Jesus. 9And this I pray that the love of you, yet more and more may abound in knowledge and in all perception; 10for the to examine you the things differing, so that you may be sincere ones and inoffensive ones for a day of Anointed, 11having been filled fruit of righteousness that through Jesus Anointed, to glory and praise of God. 12To know but you I wish, brethren, that the things relating to me rather for advancement of the glad tidings happened; 13so that the bonds of me appear in Anointed to have become before all in the judgment hall and to the others to all, 14and the greater number of the brethren in Lord, having been assured by the bonds of me, more abundantly are bold fearlessly the word to speak. 15Some indeed even through envy and strife, some and also through good-will the Anointed they openly proclaim. 16These indeed from love, knowing, that for a defence of the glad-tidings I am placed; 17those but from strife, the Anointed are announcing not purely, thinking affliction to superadd to the bonds of me. 18What then? still in every way, whether in pretence or in truth, Anointed is announced; and in this I rejoice, but also I will rejoice. 19I know for, that this to me will result for deliverance through the of you, entreaty, and a supply of the spirit of Jesus Anointed, 20according to the eager expectation and hope of me, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but with all confidence, as always, also now will be magnified Anointed in the body of me, whether by means of life or by means of death. 21For me therefore the to live, Anointed, and the to die, gain. 22If but the to live in flesh, this to me a fruit of work, and what I shall choose, not I know; 23I am hard pressed but by the two, the earnest desire having for the to be loosed again, and with Anointed to be; much for more better; 24the but to remain in the flesh, more necessary on account of you. 25And this having been persuaded I know, because I shall remain and I shall continue with all you for the of you progress and joy of the faith; 26that the boasting of you may abound by Anointed Jesus in me, through the my presence again with you. 27Only worthy of the glad tidings of the Anointed act you as citizens, so that, whether having come and having seen you, or being absent, I may hear the things concerning you, that you stand firm in one spirit, with one soul co-operating vigorously for the faith of the glad tidings, 28and not being terrified in anything by those opposing; which is to them a token of destruction, to you but of salvation; and this from God; 29because to you it was given that on behalf of Anointed, not only that him to believe, but also that on behalf of him to suffer; 30the same conflict having, a like thing you saw in me, and now you hear in me.
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