Philippians 2

1If any therefore comfort in Anointed, if any soothing of love, if any fellowship of spirit, if any bowels and compassions; 2fulfil you of me the joy, so that the same thing you may think, the same love having, united ones in soul, the one thing minding; 3nothing in strife or vain-glory, but in the lowliness of mind others esteeming exceeding yourselves; 4not the things of yourselves each one regarding, but also the things of others everyone. 5This for be desired by you which also in Anointed Jesus, 6who in a form of God being, not a usurpation meditated the to be like to God, 7but himself emptied, a form of a slave having taken, in a likeness of men having been formed, 8and in condition being found as a man; humbled himself, having become obedient till death, of a death even of a cross. 9Therefore also the God him supremely exalted, and freely granted to him a name that above every name; 10so that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend of heavenlies and of earthlies and of underground ones, 11and every tongue should confess, that a Lord Jesus Anointed, for glory of God a Father. 12So that, beloved ones of me, as always you obeyed, not as in the presence of me only, but now much more in the absence of me, with fear and trembling the of yourselves salvation work you out; 13the God for it is the one working in you both the to will and the to work, on account of the good-pleasure. 14All things do you without murmurings and disputings; 15that you may be blameless ones and harmless ones, children of God irreproachable in midst of a generation perverse and having been misguided; to which you appear as luminaries in world, 16a word of life holding out; for a boast to me in a day of Anointed, that not in vain I ran, nor in vain I toiled. 17But if even I am poured out on the sacrifice and public service of the faith of you, I am glad and I rejoice with all you; 18the and same also you be you glad, and rejoice you with me. 19I hope but in Lord Jesus, Timothy shortly to send to you, that also I may be animated having ascertained the things concerning you. 20No one for I have like-souled, who really the things concerning you will care; 21the all for the things of themselves are seeking, not the things of Jesus Anointed. 22The but proof of him you know, that, as with a father a child, with me be served for the glad tidings. 23Him indeed therefore I hope to send, as I would view attentively the things concerning me, immediately; 24having confidence and in Lord, that even myself shortly will come. 25Necessary but I esteemed, Epaphroditus the brother and fellow-worker and fellow-soldier of me, of you but an apostle, and public-servant of the want of me, to have sent to you; 26since longing after he was all you, and being depressed, because you heard that he was sick. 27Indeed for he was sick near to death; but the God him pitied not him and only, but also me, so that not sorrow on sorrow I should have. 28More speedily therefore I sent him, that seeing him again, you may rejoice, and I less sorrowful may be. 29Receive you therefore him in Lord with all joy, and the such like ones in honor hold you; 30because on account of the work of the Anointed even to death he was near, having risked the life, so that he might fill up the of you deficiency of towards me public service.
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