Philippians 3

1The thing remaining, brethren of me rejoice you in Lord; the things same to write to you, to me indeed not tedious, of you but safe. 2See you the dogs, see you the evil workers, see you the excision. 3We for we are the circumcision, who in spirit God are serving, and boasting in Anointed Jesus, and not in flesh having been trusting; 4though I having confidence also in flesh. If any thinks other to have confidence in flesh, I more; 5with a circumcision eighth-day, from race of Israel, of tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew from Hebrews, according to law a Pharisee, 6according to zeal persecuting the congregation, according to righteousness that by law having come blameless. 7But what things was to me gain, these things I have esteemed on account of the Anointed loss. 8But indeed then even I esteem all things a loss to be on account of the excellency of the knowledge of Anointed Jesus the Lord of me, (on account of whom the all things I suffered loss, and I esteem worthless things to be, so that Anointed I may gain, 9and may be found in him, not holding my righteousness that from of law, but that through faith of Anointed, that from God a righteousness on account of the faith;) 10of the to know him, and the power of the resurrection of him, and the fellowship of the sufferings of him, being conformed to the death of himself, 11if possibly I may attain to the resurrection out of the dead ones. 12Not that already I received, or already have been perfected; I pursue but, if indeed I may lay hold, in respect to which also I was laid hold of by Anointed. 13Brethren, I myself not reckon to have laid hold; 14one but, the things even behind forgetting, the things but before stretching out to, according to a mark I pursue towards the prize of the above calling of the God in Anointed Jesus. 15As many as then mature ones, this should mind; and if in anything differently you think, even this thing the God to you will reveal; 16but to what we attained, by the same to walk in line. 17Joint imitators of me become you, brethren, and watch you those thus walking, as you have a pattern us. 18Many for walk, whom often I said to you, now and even weeping I say, the enemies of the cross of the Anointed; 19of whom the end destruction, of whom the God the belly, and the glory in the shame of them, who the things on earth are minding. 20Of us for the commonwealth in heavens begins, out of which also a savior we look for Lord Jesus Anointed, 21who will transform the body of the humiliation of us of like form with the body of the glory of him, according to the operation of the to be able him even to place under himself the things all.
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