Romans 15

1Are bound and we the strong ones the infirmities of those without strength to bear, and not ourselves to please; 2each one of us to the neighbor let please for the good to building up. 3Also for the Anointed one not himself pleased, but, as it has been written: The reproaches of those reproaching thee, fell on me. 4As many things as for was fore written, for the our instruction was fore written; so that through the patience and of the consolation of the writings, the hope we might have. 5The and God of the patience and of the consolation may give to you the same to be minded among each other, according to Anointed Jesus; 6that with one mind with one mouth you may glorify the God and Father of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed. 7Wherefore take to yourselves each other, as also the Anointed took to himself us for glory of God. 8I say but, Jesus Anointed a servant became of circumcision, on behalf of truth of God, in order that to confirm the promises of the fathers; 9the and nations on account of mercy to praise the God, as it has been written: Because of this I will confess to thee among nations, and to the name of thee sing praises. 10And again it says: Rejoice you nations, with the people of him. 11And again: Praise you the Lord all the nations, and extol you him all the peoples. 12And again Esaias says: Shall be the root of the Jesse, and he standing up to rule nations, on him nations shall hope. 13The and God of the hope to fill you all of joy and of peace in the believing, in order that to abound, you in the hope, in power of spirit holy. 14I have been persuaded but, brethren of me, and myself I concerning you, that also yourselves full you are of goodness, having been filled all of knowledge, being able also reach other to admonish. 15More boldly but I wrote to you, brethren, from of a part, as reminding you, through the favor that having been given to me by the God, 16in order that to be me a public servant of Jesus Anointed for the nations, administering a priest the glad tidings of the God, so that may be the oblation of the nations well-pleasing, having been sanctified by spirit holy. 17I have then a ground for boasting in Anointed Jesus the things to God; 18not for I will dare to speak any of those things not worked out Anointed through me, for obedience of nations, in word and work; by power of signs and of wonders, 19by power of spirit holy; so that me from Jerusalem and in a circuit, even to the Illyricum, to have fully set forth the glad tidings of the Anointed; 20thus and being ambitious to announce glad tidings, not where was named Anointed, so that not on another foundation I should build; 21but as it has been written: To those not it was told concerning him, shall see; and those not had heard, shall understand. 22Wherefore also I was hindered the things many of the to come to you. 23Now but no longer a place having in the regions these, a great desire and having of the to come to you from many years. 24Whenever I may go to the Spain, I hope passing through to see you, and by you to be sent on my way there, if of you first from a part I should be filled. 25Now but I am going to Jerusalem, ministering to the saints. 26Were pleased for Macedonia and Achaia contribution some to make for the poor ones of the saints of those in Jerusalem. 27They were pleased for, and debtors of them they are. If for in the spiritual things of them became sharers the Gentiles, they are bound also in the fleshly things to render service to them. 28This then having finished, and having sealed to them the fruit this, I will go through of you into the Spain. 29I know and, that coming to you, in fullness of blessing of Anointed I will come. 30I entreat and you, brethren, by the Lord of us Jesus Anointed, and by the love of the spirit to strive together with me in the prayers on behalf of me to the God; 31that I may be delivered from those being disobedient in the Judea, and that the service of me, that for Jerusalem, well pleasing may be to the saints; 32so that with joy I may come to you through will of God, and may take rest together with you. 33The and God of the peace with all of you. So be it.
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