2 Chronicles 3:8-13

8 a  And he made the Most Holy Place. Its length, corresponding to the breadth of the house, was twenty cubits, and its breadth was twenty cubits. He overlaid it with 600 talents
A  talent was about 75 pounds or 34 kilograms
of fine gold.
9The weight of gold for the nails was fifty shekels.
A  shekel was about 2/5 ounce or 11 grams
And he overlaid d  the upper chambers with gold.

10 e  In the Most Holy Place he made two cherubim of wood
Septuagint; the meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain
and overlaid
Hebrew they overlaid
them with gold.
11The wings of the cherubim together extended twenty cubits: one wing of the one, of five cubits, touched the wall of the house, and its other wing, of five cubits, touched the wing of the other cherub; 12and of this cherub, one wing, of five cubits, touched the wall of the house, and the other wing, also of five cubits, was joined to the wing of the first cherub. 13The wings of these cherubim extended twenty cubits. The cherubim
Hebrew they
stood on their feet, i  facing the nave.
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