2 Samuel 23:3

3The God of Israel has spoken;
a  the Rock of Israel has said to me:
When one rules justly over men,
ruling b  in the fear of God,

Job 34:12

12Of a truth, God will not do wickedly,
and c  the Almighty will not pervert justice.

Psalms 101:3-5

3I will not set before my eyes
anything d  that is worthless.
I hate the work of those who e  fall away;
it shall not cling to me.
4 f  A perverse heart shall be far from me;
I will g  know nothing of evil.
5 Whoever slanders his neighbor h  secretly
I will i  destroy.
Whoever has a j  haughty look and an k  arrogant heart
I will not endure.

Proverbs 16:10-13

10 l  An oracle is on the lips of a king;
his mouth does not sin in judgment.
11 m  A just balance and scales are the  Lord’s;
all the weights in the bag are his work.
12It is an abomination to kings to do evil,
for n  the throne is established by righteousness.
13 o  Righteous lips are the delight of a king,
and he loves him who speaks what is right.

Proverbs 29:12

12If a ruler listens to falsehood,
all his officials will be wicked.
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