Exodus 17:7

7And he called the name of the place a  Massah
 Massah means testing
and c  Meribah,
 Meribah means quarreling
because of the quarreling of the people of Israel, and because they tested the  Lord by saying, “Is the  Lord among us or not?”

Numbers 20:1

The Death of Miriam

1And the people of Israel, the whole congregation, came e  into the wilderness of Zin in the first month, and the people stayed in Kadesh. And f  Miriam died there and was buried there.

Numbers 20:13

13 g  These are the waters of Meribah
 Meribah means quarreling
where the people of Israel quarreled with the  Lord, and through them he showed himself holy.

Numbers 20:24

24 i  “Let Aaron be gathered to his people, for he shall not enter the land that I have given to the people of Israel, because j  you rebelled against my command at the waters of Meribah.
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