Exodus 27:1-8

The Bronze Altar

1“You shall make the a  altar of acacia wood, five cubits
A  cubit was about 18 inches or 45 centimeters
long and five cubits broad. The altar shall be square, and its height shall be three cubits.
2And you shall make c  horns for it on its four corners; its horns shall be of one piece with it, and d  you shall overlay it with bronze. 3You shall make pots for it to receive its ashes, and shovels and basins and e  forks and fire pans. You shall make all its utensils of bronze. 4You shall also make for it a grating, a network of bronze, and on the net you shall make four bronze rings at its four corners. 5And you shall set it under the ledge of the altar so that the net extends halfway down the altar. 6And you shall make poles for the altar, poles of acacia wood, and overlay them with bronze. 7And the poles shall be put through the rings, so that the poles are on the two sides of the altar when it is carried. 8You shall make it hollow, with boards. f  As it has been shown you on the mountain, so shall it be made.

Exodus 40:6

6 g  You shall set the altar of burnt offering before the door of the tabernacle of the tent of meeting,

Exodus 40:29

29 h  And he set the altar of burnt offering at the entrance of the tabernacle of the tent of meeting, and offered on it the burnt offering and the i  grain offering, as the  Lord had commanded Moses.

2 Chronicles 4:1

The Temple’s Furnishings

1He made j  an altar of bronze, twenty cubits
A  cubit was about 18 inches or 45 centimeters
long and twenty cubits wide and ten cubits high.

Ezekiel 43:13-17

The Altar

13These are the measurements of l  the altar by cubits (the cubit being m  a cubit and a handbreadth):
A  cubit was about 18 inches or 45 centimeters; a  handbreadth was about 3 inches or 7.5 centimeters
its base shall be one cubit high
Or  its gutter shall be one cubit deep
and one cubit broad, with a rim of one span
A  span was about 9 inches or 22 centimeters
around its edge. And this shall be the height of the altar:
14from the base on the ground to the lower ledge, two cubits, with a breadth of one cubit; and from the smaller ledge to the larger ledge, four cubits, with a breadth of one cubit; 15and the altar hearth, four cubits; and from the altar hearth projecting upward, q  four horns. 16The altar hearth shall be r  square, twelve cubits long by twelve broad. 17The ledge also shall be square, fourteen cubits long by fourteen broad, with a rim around it half a cubit broad, and its base one cubit all around. s  The steps of the altar shall face east.”

Romans 8:3-4

3For t  God has done what the law u  weakened by the flesh v  could not do. w  By sending his own Son x  in the likeness of sinful flesh and y  for sin
Or  and as a sin offering
he condemned sin in the flesh,
4in order that aa  the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, ab  who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

Romans 12:1

A Living Sacrifice

1 ac  I appeal to you therefore, brothers
Or  brothers and sisters
by the mercies of God ae  to present your bodies af  as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.
Or your rational service

Hebrews 3:1

Jesus Greater Than Moses

1Therefore, holy brothers
Or  brothers and sisters; also verse 12
you who share in ai  a heavenly calling, consider Jesus aj  the apostle and high priest of our confession,
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