Ezekiel 19:10-14

10Your mother was alike a vine in a vineyard
Some Hebrew manuscripts; most Hebrew manuscripts  in your blood

planted by the water,
cfruitful and full of branches
dby reason of abundant water.
11Its strong stems became
it towered aloft
among the thick boughs;
Or  the clouds

it was seen in its height
with the mass of its branches.
12But the vine was plucked up in fury,
cast down to the ground;
fthe east wind dried up its fruit;
they were stripped off and withered.
As for its strong stem,
fire consumed it.
13 gNow it is planted in the wilderness,
in a dry and thirsty land.
14 hAnd fire has gone out from the stem of its shoots,
has consumed its fruit,
iso that there remains in it no strong stem,
no scepter for ruling.

This is ja lamentation and has become a lamentation.

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