Isaiah 14:28

An Oracle Concerning Philistia

28In the year that a  King Ahaz died came this b  oracle:

Isaiah 15:1

An Oracle Concerning Moab

1An c  oracle concerning d  Moab.

Because e  Ar of Moab is laid waste in a night,
Moab is undone;
because f  Kir of Moab is laid waste in a night,
Moab is undone.

Isaiah 17:1

An Oracle Concerning Damascus

1An g  oracle concerning h  Damascus.

Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city
and will become a heap of ruins.

Isaiah 19:1

An Oracle Concerning Egypt

1An i  oracle concerning j  Egypt.

Behold, the  Lord k  is riding on a swift cloud
and comes to Egypt;
and l  the idols of Egypt will tremble at his presence,
and the heart of the Egyptians will m  melt within them.

Isaiah 21:1

Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon

1The n  oracle concerning the wilderness of o  the sea.

p  As whirlwinds in the Negeb sweep on,
it comes from the wilderness,
from a terrible land.

Isaiah 21:11

11The q  oracle concerning r  Dumah.

One is calling to me from s  Seir,
Watchman, what time of the night?
Watchman, what time of the night?”

Isaiah 21:13

13The t  oracle concerning u  Arabia.

In the thickets in v  Arabia you will lodge,
O w  caravans of x  Dedanites.

Isaiah 22:1

An Oracle Concerning Jerusalem

1The y  oracle concerning z  the valley of vision.

What do you mean that you have gone up,
all of you, to the housetops,

Isaiah 22:25

25In that day, declares the  Lord of hosts, aa  the peg that was fastened in a secure place will give way, and it will be cut down and fall, and the load that was on it will be cut off, for the  Lord has spoken.”

Isaiah 23:1

An Oracle Concerning Tyre and Sidon

1The ab  oracle concerning ac  Tyre.

Wail, O ad  ships of Tarshish,
for Tyre is laid waste, ae  without house or harbor!
From af  the land of Cyprus
Hebrew Kittim; also verse 12

it is revealed to them.

Jeremiah 23:33-38

33 ah  When one of this people, or a prophet or a priest asks you, ‘What is the burden of the  Lord?’ you shall say to them, ‘You are the burden
Septuagint, Vulgate; Hebrew What burden?
and aj  I will cast you off, declares the  Lord.’
34And as for the prophet, priest, or one of the people who says, ‘The burden of the  Lord,’ ak  I will punish that man and his household. 35Thus shall you say, every one to his neighbor and every one to his brother, ‘What has the  Lord answered?’ or ‘What has the  Lord spoken?’ 36But ‘the burden of the  Lord’ you shall mention no more, for the burden is every man’s own word, and al  you pervert the words of am  the living God, the  Lord of hosts, our God. 37Thus you shall say to the prophet, ‘What has the  Lord answered you?’ or ‘What has the  Lord spoken?’ 38But if you say, ‘The burden of the  Lord,’ thus says the  Lord, ‘Because you have said these words, “The burden of the  Lord,” when I sent to you, saying, “You shall not say, ‘The burden of the  Lord,’”
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