Isaiah 16:8

8 For the fields of Heshbon languish,
and a  the vine of Sibmah;
the lords of the nations
have struck down its branches,
which reached to Jazer
and strayed to the desert;
its shoots spread abroad
and passed over the sea.

Isaiah 16:10

10 b  And joy and gladness are taken away from c  the fruitful field,
and in the vineyards no d  songs are sung,
no cheers are raised;
no e  treader treads out wine f  in the presses;
I have put an end to the shouting.

Isaiah 32:9-13

Complacent Women Warned of Disaster

9 g  Rise up, you women h  who are at ease, hear my voice;
you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.
10In little more than a year
you will shudder, you complacent women;
for the grape harvest fails,
the fruit harvest will not come.
11Tremble, you women i  who are at ease,
shudder, you complacent ones;
j  strip, and make yourselves bare,
k  and tie sackcloth around your waist.
12 l  Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields,
for the fruitful vine,
13 m  for the soil of my people
growing up in thorns and briers,
n  yes, for all the joyous houses
in the exultant city.

Hosea 9:1-2

The  Lord Will Punish Israel

1 Rejoice not, O Israel!
Exult not like the peoples;
o  for you have played the whore, forsaking your God.
p  You have loved a prostitute’s wages
on all threshing floors.
2 q  Threshing floor and wine vat shall not feed them,
and r  the new wine shall fail them.

Joel 1:10-12

10The fields are destroyed,
s  the ground mourns,
because t  the grain is destroyed,
u  the wine dries up,
the oil languishes.
11 v  Be ashamed,
The Hebrew words for  dry up and  be ashamed in verses 10–12, 17 sound alike
O tillers of the soil;
wail, O vinedressers,
for the wheat and the barley,
x  because the harvest of the field has perished.
12The vine dries up;
y  the fig tree languishes.
Pomegranate, palm, and apple,
all the trees of the field are dried up,
and z  gladness dries up
from the children of man.
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