Isaiah 2:2-3

2 a  It shall come to pass in the latter days
that b  the mountain of the house of the  Lord
shall be established as the highest of the mountains,
and shall be lifted up above the hills;
and c  all the nations shall flow to it,
3and d  many peoples shall come, and say:
Come, let us go up to the mountain of the  Lord,
to the house of the God of Jacob,
that he may teach us his ways
and that we may walk in his paths.”
For e  out of Zion shall go the law
Or teaching

and the word of the  Lord from Jerusalem.

Micah 5:7

A Remnant Shall Be Delivered

7 Then g  the remnant of Jacob shall be
in the midst of many peoples
like dew from the  Lord,
like showers on the grass,
which delay not for a man
nor wait for the children of man.

Zechariah 14:16-19

16Then everyone who survives of all the nations that have come against Jerusalem h  shall go up year after year to worship i  the King, the  Lord of hosts, and j  to keep k  the Feast of Booths. 17And if l  any of the families of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship m  the King, the  Lord of hosts, n  there will be no rain on them. 18And if the family of Egypt does not go up and present themselves, then on them there shall be no rain;
Hebrew lacks  rain
there shall be p  the plague with which the  Lord afflicts the nations that do not go up q  to keep the Feast of Booths.
19This shall be the punishment to Egypt and the punishment to all the nations that do not go up r  to keep the Feast of Booths.

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