Isaiah 2:6-11

The Day of the Lord

6 For you have rejected your people,
the house of Jacob,
because they are full of things afrom the east
and bof fortune-tellers clike the Philistines,
and they dstrike hands with the children of foreigners.
7Their land is efilled with silver and gold,
and there is no end to their treasures;
their land is ffilled with horses,
and there is no end to their chariots.
8Their land is gfilled with idols;
they bow down to hthe work of their hands,
to what their own fingers have made.
9So man iis humbled,
and each one jis brought low
do not forgive them!
10 kEnter into the rock
and hide in the dust
lfrom before the terror of the Lord,
and from the splendor of his majesty.
11 mThe haughty looks of man shall be brought low,
and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled,
and the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.
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