Isaiah 34:11-15

11 aBut the hawk and the porcupine
The identity of the animals rendered  hawk and  porcupine is uncertain
shall possess it,
the owl and the raven shall dwell in it.
cHe shall stretch the line of dconfusion
Hebrew formlessness
over it,
and the plumb line of emptiness.
12Its nobles—there is no one there to call it a kingdom,
and all its princes shall be nothing.
13 fThorns shall grow over its strongholds,
nettles and thistles in its fortresses.
It shall be the haunt of gjackals,
an abode for ostriches.
Or owls

14 iAnd wild animals shall meet with hyenas;
the wild goat shall cry to his fellow;
indeed, there the night bird
Identity uncertain
and finds for herself a resting place.
15 There the owl nests and lays
and hatches and gathers her young in her shadow;
indeed, there kthe hawks are gathered,
each one with her mate.
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