Jeremiah 22:10-12

10 a  Weep not for him who is dead,
nor grieve for him,
b  but weep bitterly for him who goes away,
for he shall return no more
to see his native land.

Message to the Sons of Josiah

11For thus says the  Lord concerning Shallum the son of Josiah, king of Judah, who reigned instead of Josiah his father, and c  who went away from this place: “He shall return here no more, 12but d  in the place where they have carried him captive, there shall he die, and he shall never see this land again.”

Ezekiel 19:3-4

3And she brought up one of her cubs;
e  he became a young lion,
f  and he learned to catch prey;
he devoured men.
4The nations heard about him;
g  he was caught in their pit,
h  and they brought him with hooks
to the land of Egypt.
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