Jeremiah 51:20-46

20 “You are my hammer and weapon of war:
with you I a  break nations in pieces;
with you I destroy kingdoms;
21with you I break in pieces the horse and his rider;
with you I break in pieces the chariot and the charioteer;
22with you I break in pieces man and woman;
with you I break in pieces b  the old man and the youth;
with you I break in pieces c  the young man and the young woman;
23with you I break in pieces the shepherd and his flock;
with you I break in pieces the farmer and his team;
with you I break in pieces d  governors and commanders.

24 e  “I will repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea before your very eyes for all the evil that they have done in Zion, declares the  Lord.

25 Behold, I am against you, O destroying mountain,

declares the  Lord,
which destroys the whole earth;
I will stretch out my hand against you,
and roll you down from the crags,
f  and make you a burnt mountain.
26No g  stone shall be taken from you for a corner
and no stone for a foundation,
but you shall be h  a perpetual waste,
declares the  Lord.
27 i  “Set up a standard on the earth;
j  blow the trumpet among the nations;
k  prepare l  the nations for war against her;
summon against her m  the kingdoms,
n  Ararat, Minni, and o  Ashkenaz;
appoint a p  marshal against her;
q  bring up horses like bristling locusts.
28 r  Prepare s  the nations for war against her,
the kings of t  the Medes u  with their governors v  and deputies,
and every w  land under their dominion.
29 x  The land trembles and writhes in pain,
y  for the  Lord’s purposes against Babylon stand,
to make the land of Babylon a desolation,
without inhabitant.
30The warriors of Babylon have ceased fighting;
they remain in their strongholds;
their strength has failed;
z  they have become women;
aa  her dwellings are on fire;
ab  her bars are broken.
31One ac  runner runs to meet another,
and one messenger to meet another,
to tell the king of Babylon
that his city is taken on every side;
32the fords have been ad  seized,
the marshes are burned with fire,
and the soldiers are in panic.
33For thus says the  Lord of hosts, the God of Israel:
ae  The daughter of Babylon is like af  a threshing floor
at the time when it is trodden;
yet a little while
and ag  the time of her harvest will come.”
34 Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon ah  has devoured me;
he has crushed me;
he has made me an empty vessel;
ai  he has swallowed me like aj  a monster;
he has filled his stomach with my delicacies;
he has rinsed me out.
Or  he has expelled me

35The violence done to me and to my kinsmen be upon Babylon,”
let the inhabitant of Zion say.
“My blood be upon the inhabitants of Chaldea,”
let Jerusalem say.
36Therefore thus says the  Lord:
Behold al  I will plead your cause
and take vengeance for you.
am  I will dry up her sea
and an  make her fountain dry,
37and Babylon shall become ao  a heap of ruins,
ap  the haunt of jackals,
aq  a horror ar  and a hissing,
without inhabitant.
38 as  “They shall roar together at  like lions;
they shall growl like lionscubs.
39 au  While they are inflamed av  I will prepare them a feast
and aw  make them drunk, that they may become merry,
ax  then sleep a perpetual sleep
and not wake, declares the  Lord.
40I will bring them down like lambs to the slaughter,
like rams and male goats.
41 How ay  Babylon
Hebrew Sheshach, a code name for Babylon
is taken,
ba  the praise of the whole earth bb  seized!
How Babylon has become
a horror among the nations!
42 bc  The sea has come up on Babylon;
she is covered with its tumultuous waves.
43Her cities have become a horror,
bd  a land of drought and a desert,
be  a land in which no one dwells,
and through which no son of man passes.
44And I will punish bf  Bel in Babylon,
and bg  take out of his mouth bh  what he has swallowed.
bi  The nations shall no longer flow to him;
bj  the wall of Babylon has fallen.
45 Go out of the midst of her, bk  my people!
Let every one save his life
from bl  the fierce anger of the  Lord!
46Let not your heart faint, and be not fearful
bm  at the report heard in the land,
bn  when a report comes in one year
and afterward a report in another year,
and violence is in the land,
bo  and ruler is against ruler.
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