Jeremiah 5:12-13

12They have spoken falsely of the  Lord
and have said, ‘He will do nothing;
a  no disaster will come upon us,
b  nor shall we see sword or famine.
13The prophets will become wind;
the word is not in them.
Thus shall it be done to them!’”

Jeremiah 7:3-11

3Thus says the  Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: c  Amend your ways and your deeds, and I will let you dwell in this place. 4 d  Do not trust in these deceptive words: ‘This is the temple of the  Lord, the temple of the  Lord, the temple of the  Lord.’

5For if you truly e  amend your ways and your deeds, if you truly f  execute justice one with another, 6if you g  do not oppress the sojourner, the fatherless, or the widow, h  or shed innocent blood in this place, i  and if you do not go after other gods to your own harm, 7 j  then I will let you dwell in this place k  in the land that I gave of old to your fathers forever.

8Behold, you trust in deceptive words to no avail. 9 l  Will you steal, murder, commit adultery m  swear falsely n  make offerings to Baal o  and go after other gods that you have not known, 10and then come and stand before me in this house, p  which is called by my name, and say, ‘We are delivered!’—only to go on doing all these abominations? 11 q  Has this house r  which is called by my name s  become a den of robbers in your eyes? Behold, I myself have seen it, declares the  Lord.

Jeremiah 28:15-17

15And Jeremiah the prophet said to the prophet Hananiah, “Listen, Hananiah, t  the  Lord has not sent you, u  and you have made this people trust in a lie. 16Therefore thus says the  Lord: ‘Behold, I will remove you from the face of the earth. This year you shall die v  because you have uttered rebellion against the  Lord.’”

17In that same year, in the seventh month, the prophet Hananiah died.

Jeremiah 44:16-17

16“As for the word that you have spoken to us in the name of the  Lord w  we will not listen to you. 17 x  But we will do everything that we have vowed, make offerings to y  the queen of heaven z  and pour out drink offerings to her, aa  as we did, both we and our fathers, our kings and our officials, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. For then we had plenty of food, and prospered, and saw no disaster.

Jeremiah 44:27

27 ab  Behold, I am watching over them for disaster and not for good. ac  All the men of Judah who are in the land of Egypt shall be consumed by the sword and by famine, until there is an end of them.

Ezekiel 13:16

16the prophets of Israel who prophesied concerning Jerusalem ad  and saw visions of peace for her, when there was no peace, declares the Lord  God.

Ezekiel 13:22

22 ae  Because you have disheartened the righteous falsely, although I have not grieved him, and af  you have encouraged the wicked, that ag  he should not turn from his evil way to save his life,

Ephesians 5:6

6 ah  Let no one ai  deceive you with empty words, for because of these things aj  the wrath of God comes upon ak  the sons of disobedience.
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