Jeremiah 4:13-22

13 Behold, he comes up like clouds;
ahis chariots like the whirlwind;
his horses are bswifter than eagles
woe to us, cfor we are ruined!
14O Jerusalem dwash your heart from evil,
that you may be saved.
How long shall your wicked thoughts
lodge within you?
15For a voice edeclares from Dan
and proclaims trouble from fMount Ephraim.
16Warn the nations that he is coming;
announce to Jerusalem,
Besiegers come gfrom a distant land;
they shout against the cities of Judah.
17Like keepers of a field hare they against her all around,
because she has rebelled against me,

declares the Lord.
18Your ways and your deeds
have brought this upon you.
This is your doom, and iit is bitter;
it has reached your very heart.”

Anguish over Judah’s Desolation

19 jMy anguish, my anguish! I writhe in pain!
Oh the walls of my heart!
My heart is beating wildly;
I cannot keep silent,
for I hear the sound of the trumpet,
the alarm of war.
20 kCrash follows hard on crash;
the whole land is laid waste.
lSuddenly my tents are laid waste,
my curtains in a moment.
21How long must I see the standard
and hear the sound of the trumpet?
22 For mmy people are foolish;
they know me not;
they are stupid children;
they have no understanding.
nThey are ‘wise’—in doing evil!
But how to do good they know not.”
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