Job 10:3

3 a  Does it seem good to you to oppress,
to despise b  the work of your hands
c  and favor the designs of the wicked?

Job 27:2

2 “As God lives, who has d  taken away my right,
and the Almighty, who has e  made my soul bitter,

Job 34:5-6

5For Job has said, ‘I am f  in the right,
and g  God has taken away my right;
6in spite of my right I am counted a liar;
my wound is incurable, though I am h  without transgression.’

Job 34:17-18

17 i  Shall one who hates justice govern?
Will you condemn him who is righteous and mighty,
18who j  says to a king, ‘Worthless one,’
and to nobles, ‘Wicked man,’

Job 35:2

2 “Do you think this to be just?
Do you say, k  ‘It is my right before God,’

Job 40:8

8Will you even put me in the wrong?
Will you condemn me that l  you may be in the right?

Luke 10:29

29But he, m  desiring to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”
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