Joshua 11:6

6And the  Lord said to Joshua, a  “Do not be afraid of them, for tomorrow at this time I will give over all of them, slain, to Israel. You shall b  hamstring their horses and burn their c  chariots with fire.”

2 Chronicles 20:15-20

15And he said, “Listen, all Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem and King Jehoshaphat: Thus says the  Lord to you, d  ‘Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed at this great horde, e  for the battle is not yours but God’s. 16Tomorrow go down against them. Behold, they will come up by the ascent of Ziz. You will find them at the end of f  the valley, east of the wilderness of Jeruel. 17 g  You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the  Lord on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem.’ h  Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, i  and the  Lord will be with you.”

18Then Jehoshaphat j  bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down before the  Lord, worshiping the  Lord. 19And the Levites, of the k  Kohathites and the l  Korahites, stood up to praise the  Lord, the God of Israel, with a very loud voice.

20And they rose early in the morning and went out into m  the wilderness of Tekoa. And when they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem! n  Believe in the  Lord your God, and you will be established; believe his prophets, and you will succeed.”

Mark 4:40

40He said to them, Why are you o  so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

Mark 5:36

36But overhearing
Or ignoring; some manuscripts hearing
what they said, Jesus said to q  the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not fear, only believe.”
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