Lamentations 1:1-11

How Lonely Sits the City

1 aHow lonely sits the city
that was full of people!
How like ba widow has she become,
she who was great among the nations!
She who was ca princess among the provinces
has become da slave.
2 eShe weeps bitterly in the night,
with tears on her cheeks;
famong all her lovers
she has gnone to comfort her;
hall her friends have dealt treacherously with her;
they have become her enemies.
3 iJudah has gone into exile because of affliction
and hard servitude;
jshe dwells now among the nations,
kbut finds no resting place;
her pursuers have all overtaken her
in the midst of her distress.
Or  in the narrow passes

4 The roads to Zion mourn,
for none come to mthe festival;
nall her gates are desolate;
her priests ogroan;
her virgins have been afflicted,
Septuagint, Old Latin dragged away

and she herself suffers bitterly.
5 qHer foes have become the head;
her renemies prosper,
because sthe  Lord has afflicted her
tfor the multitude of her transgressions;
uher children have gone away,
captives before the foe.
6 From the daughter of Zion
all her majesty has departed.
Her princes have become like deer
vthat find no pasture;
they fled without strength
before the pursuer.
7 Jerusalem remembers
in the days of her affliction and wandering
wall the precious things
that were hers from xdays of old.
When her people fell into the hand of the foe,
and there was none to help her,
her foes gloated over her;
they ymocked at her downfall.
8 zJerusalem sinned grievously;
therefore she became filthy;
all who honored her despise her,
aafor they have seen her nakedness;
she herself abgroans
and turns her face away.
9 Her uncleanness was acin her skirts;
adshe took no thought of her future;
Or end

therefore her fall is terrible;
afshe has no comforter.
“O  Lord, behold my affliction,
for the enemy has agtriumphed!”
10 The enemy has stretched out his hands
over all her ahprecious things;
for she has seen aithe nations
enter her sanctuary,
those whom you ajforbade
to enter your congregation.
11 All her people akgroan
as althey search for bread;
they trade their amtreasures for anfood
to revive their strength.
Look, O  Lord, and see,
for I am despised.”
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