Numbers 15:4-12

4then ahe who brings his offering shall offer to the Lord ba grain offering of a tenth of an ephah
An  ephah was about 3/5 bushel or 22 liters
of fine flour, dmixed with a quarter of a hin
A  hin was about 4 quarts or 3.5 liters
of oil;
5and you shall offer with the burnt offering, or for the sacrifice, a quarter of a hin of fwine for the drink offering for each lamb. 6 gOr for a ram, you shall offer for a grain offering two tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with a third of a hin of oil. 7And for the drink offering you shall offer a third of a hin of wine, a hpleasing aroma to the Lord. 8And when you offer a bull as a burnt offering or sacrifice, to ifulfill a vow or for jpeace offerings to the Lord, 9then one shall offer kwith the bull a grain offering of three tenths of an ephah of fine flour, mixed with half a hin of oil. 10And you shall offer for the drink offering half a hin of wine, as a food offering, a pleasing aroma to the Lord.

11 lThus it shall be done for each bull or ram, or for each lamb or young goat. 12As many as you offer, so shall you do with each one, as many as there are.
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