Numbers 18:20-32

20And the Lord said to Aaron, “You shall have no inheritance in their land, neither shall you have any portion among them. aI am your portion and your inheritance among the people of Israel.

21 b“To the Levites I have given every tithe in Israel for an inheritance, in return for their service that they do, their service in the tent of meeting, 22 cso that the people of Israel do not come near the tent of meeting dlest they bear sin and die. 23But ethe Levites shall do the service of the tent of meeting, fand they shall bear their iniquity. It shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations, and among the people of Israel they shall have no inheritance. 24For the tithe of the people of Israel, which gthey present as a contribution to the Lord, I have given to the Levites for an inheritance. Therefore I have said of them that they shall have no inheritance hamong the people of Israel.”

25And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 26“Moreover, you shall speak and say to the Levites, ‘When you take from the people of Israel the tithe that I have given you from them for your inheritance, then you shall present a contribution from it to the Lord ia tithe of the tithe. 27 jAnd your contribution shall be counted to you as though it were the grain of the threshing floor, and as the fullness of the winepress. 28So you shall also present a contribution to the Lord from all your tithes, which you receive from the people of Israel. And from it you shall give the Lord’s contribution to Aaron the priest. 29Out of all the gifts to you, you shall present every contribution due to the Lord; from each its best part is to be dedicated.’ 30Therefore you shall say to them, ‘When you have offered from it the best of it, kthen the rest shall be counted to the Levites as produce of the threshing floor, and as produce of the winepress. 31And you may eat it in any place, you and your households, for it is lyour reward in return for your service in the tent of meeting. 32And you shall mbear no sin by reason of it, when you have contributed the best of it. But you shall not nprofane the holy things of the people of Israel, lest you die.’”

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