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Psalms 120

Deliver Me, O  Lord

A Song of a  Ascents.

1 In my distress I called to the  Lord,
and he answered me.
2Deliver me, O  Lord,
from lying lips,
from a deceitful tongue.
3 What shall be given to you,
b  and what more shall be done to you,
you deceitful tongue?
4 c  A warrior’s d  sharp arrows,
with glowing e  coals of the broom tree!
5 Woe to me, that I sojourn in f  Meshech,
that I dwell among g  the tents of h  Kedar!
6Too long have I had my dwelling
among those who hate peace.
7 i  I am for peace,
but when I speak, they are for war!

Psalms 121

My Help Comes from the  Lord

A Song of j  Ascents.

1 I k  lift up my eyes to l  the hills.
From where does my help come?
2 m  My help comes from the  Lord,
who n  made heaven and earth.
3 He will not o  let your foot be moved;
he who p  keeps you will not slumber.
4Behold, he who keeps Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The  Lord is your keeper;
the  Lord is your q  shade on your r  right hand.
6 s  The sun shall not t  strike you by day,
nor the moon by night.
7 The  Lord will u  keep you from all evil;
he will v  keep your life.
8The  Lord will keep
your w  going out and your coming in
from this time forth and forevermore.

Psalms 122

Let Us Go to the House of the  Lord

A Song of x  Ascents. Of David.

1 I was glad when they said to me,
y  “Let us go to the house of the  Lord!”
2Our feet have been standing
within your gates, O Jerusalem!
3 Jerusalemz  built as a city
that is aa  bound firmly together,
4to which the tribes ab  go up,
the tribes of the  Lord,
as was ac  decreed for
Or  as a testimony for
to give thanks to the name of the  Lord.
5There ae  thrones for judgment were set,
the thrones of the house of David.
6 af  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
“May they be secure who love you!
7Peace be within your ag  walls
and security within your ah  towers!”
8For my brothers and companionssake
I will say ai  Peace be within you!”
9For the sake of the house of the  Lord our God,
I will aj  seek your good.

Psalms 123

Our Eyes Look to the  Lord Our God

A Song of ak  Ascents.

1 To you I al  lift up my eyes,
O you who are am  enthroned in the heavens!
2Behold, as the eyes of servants
look to the hand of their master,
as the eyes of a maidservant
to the hand of her mistress,
so our eyes look to the  Lord our God,
till he has mercy upon us.
3 an  Have mercy upon us, O  Lord, have mercy upon us,
for we have had more than enough of ao  contempt.
4Our soul has had more than enough
of ap  the scorn of aq  those who are at ease,
of the contempt of ar  the proud.

Psalms 124

Our Help Is in the Name of the  Lord

A Song of as  Ascents. Of David.

1 at  If it had not been the  Lord who was on our side—
au  let Israel now say
2if it had not been the  Lord who was on our side
when people rose up against us,
3then they would have av  swallowed us up alive,
when their anger was kindled against us;
4then aw  the flood would have ax  swept us away,
the torrent would have gone ay  over us;
5then over us would have gone
the raging waters.
6 Blessed be the  Lord,
who has not given us
as prey to their teeth!
7We have escaped like a bird
from az  the snare of the fowlers;
the snare is broken,
and we have escaped!
8 ba  Our help is in the name of the  Lord,
who made heaven and earth.

Psalms 125

The  Lord Surrounds His People

A Song of bb  Ascents.

1 Those who bc  trust in the  Lord are like Mount Zion,
which bd  cannot be moved, but abides forever.
2As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so be  the  Lord surrounds his people,
from this time forth and forevermore.
3For bf  the scepter of wickedness shall not bg  rest
on bh  the land allotted to the righteous,
lest the righteous bi  stretch out
their hands to do wrong.
4 bj  Do good, O  Lord, to those who are good,
and to those who are bk  upright in their hearts!
5But those who bl  turn aside to their bm  crooked ways
the  Lord will lead away with bn  evildoers!
bo  Peace be upon Israel!

Psalms 126

Restore Our Fortunes, O  Lord

A Song of bp  Ascents.

1 When the  Lord bq  restored the fortunes of Zion,
we were like those who br  dream.
2Then our bs  mouth was filled with laughter,
and our tongue with shouts of joy;
then they said among the nations,
bt  “The  Lord has done great things for them.”
3The  Lord has done great things for us;
we are glad.
4 Restore our fortunes, O  Lord,
like streams in the Negeb!
5 bu  Those who sow in tears
shall reap with shouts of joy!
6He who goes out weeping,
bearing the seed for sowing,
shall come home with shouts of joy,
bringing his sheaves with him.

Psalms 127

Unless the  Lord Builds the House

A Song of bv  Ascents. Of Solomon.

1 Unless the  Lord builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the  Lord bw  watches over the city,
the watchman stays awake in vain.
2It is in vain that you rise up early
and go late to rest,
eating the bread of anxious bx  toil;
for he gives to his by  beloved bz  sleep.
3 Behold, ca  children are a heritage from the  Lord,
cb  the fruit of the womb a reward.
4Like arrows in the hand of cc  a warrior
are the children
Or sons
of one’s youth.
5Blessed is the man
who fills his quiver with them!
He shall not be put to shame
when he speaks with his enemies ce  in the gate.
Or They shall not be put to shame when they speak with their enemies in the gate

Psalms 128

Blessed Is Everyone Who Fears the  Lord

A Song of cg  Ascents.

1 ch  Blessed is everyone who fears the  Lord,
who ci  walks in his ways!
2You cj  shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;
you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.
3 Your wife will be like ck  a fruitful vine
within your house;
your children will be like cl  olive shoots
around your table.
4Behold, thus shall the man be blessed
who fears the  Lord.
5 cm  The  Lord bless you cn  from Zion!
May you see co  the prosperity of Jerusalem
all the days of your life!
6May you see your cp  children’s children!
cq  Peace be upon Israel!

Psalms 129

They Have Afflicted Me from My Youth

A Song of cr  Ascents.

1 Greatly
Or Often; also verse 2
have they ct  afflicted me cu  from my youth”—
cv  let Israel now say
2Greatly have they cw  afflicted me cx  from my youth,
cy  yet they have not prevailed against me.
3 cz  The plowers plowed da  upon my back;
they made long their furrows.”
4The  Lord is righteous;
he has cut db  the cords of the wicked.
5May all who hate Zion
be dc  put to shame and turned backward!
6Let them be like dd  the grass on the housetops,
which de  withers before it grows up,
7with which the reaper does not fill his hand
nor the binder of sheaves his arms,
8nor do those who pass by say,
df  “The blessing of the  Lord be upon you!
We dg  bless you in the name of the  Lord!”

Psalms 130

My Soul Waits for the Lord

A Song of dh  Ascents.

1 Out of di  the depths I cry to you, O  Lord!
2O Lord, hear my voice!
dj  Let your ears be attentive
to dk  the voice of my pleas for mercy!
3 If you, O  Lord, should dl  mark iniquities,
O Lord, who could dm  stand?
4But with you there is dn  forgiveness,
do  that you may be feared.
5 I dp  wait for the  Lord, dq  my soul waits,
and dr  in his word I hope;
6my soul ds  waits for the Lord
more than dt  watchmen for du  the morning,
more than watchmen for the morning.
7 O Israel, dv  hope in the  Lord!
For dw  with the  Lord there is steadfast love,
and with him is plentiful redemption.
8And he will dx  redeem Israel
from all his iniquities.

Psalms 131

I Have Calmed and Quieted My Soul

A Song of dy  Ascents. Of David.

1 O  Lord, my heart is not dz  lifted up;
my eyes are not ea  raised too high;
I do not eb  occupy myself with things
too great and ec  too marvelous for me.
2But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
like a weaned ed  child with its mother;
like a weaned child is my soul within me.
3 ee  O Israel, hope in the  Lord
from this time forth and forevermore.

Psalms 132

The  Lord Has Chosen Zion

A Song of ef  Ascents.

1 Remember, O  Lord, in David’s favor,
all eg  the hardships he endured,
2how he swore to the  Lord
and eh  vowed to ei  the Mighty One of Jacob,
3“I will not enter my house
or get into my bed,
4I will not ej  give sleep to my eyes
or slumber to my eyelids,
5until I ek  find a place for the  Lord,
a dwelling place for el  the Mighty One of Jacob.”
6 Behold, we heard of it in em  Ephrathah;
we found it in en  the fields of Jaar.
7“Let us go to his dwelling place;
let us eo  worship at his ep  footstool!”
8 eq  Arise, O  Lord, and go to your er  resting place,
you and the ark of your es  might.
9Let your et  priests be eu  clothed with righteousness,
and let your ev  saints shout for joy.
10For the sake of your servant David,
ew  do not turn away the face of ex  your anointed one.
11 ey  The  Lord swore to David a sure oath
ez  from which he will not turn back:
fa  “One of the sons of your body
Hebrew  of your fruit of the womb

I will set on your throne.
12If your sons keep my covenant
and my testimonies that I shall teach them,
their sons also forever
shall fc  sit on your throne.”
13 For the  Lord has fd  chosen Zion;
he has fe  desired it for his dwelling place:
14This is my ff  resting place forever;
here I will fg  dwell, for I have desired it.
15I will abundantly fh  bless her provisions;
I will fi  satisfy her poor with bread.
16Her fj  priests I will clothe with salvation,
and her fk  saints will shout for joy.
17There I will make fl  a horn to sprout for David;
I have prepared fm  a lamp for fn  my anointed.
18His enemies I will fo  clothe with shame,
but on him his crown will shine.”

Psalms 133

When Brothers Dwell in Unity

A Song of fp  Ascents. Of David.

1 Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when fq  brothers dwell in unity!
Or  dwell together

2It is like the precious fs  oil on ft  the head,
running down on the beard,
on the beard of Aaron,
running down on fu  the collar of his robes!
3It is like fv  the dew of fw  Hermon,
which falls on fx  the mountains of Zion!
For there the  Lord fy  has commanded the blessing,
life forevermore.

Psalms 134

Come, Bless the  Lord

A Song of fz  Ascents.

1 Come, bless the  Lord, all you ga  servants of the  Lord,
who gb  stand gc  by night in the house of the  Lord!
2 gd  Lift up your hands to ge  the holy place
and bless the  Lord!
3 May the  Lord gf  bless you gg  from Zion,
he who gh  made heaven and earth!
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