Psalms 79:9

9 a  Help us, O God of our salvation,
for the glory of your name;
deliver us, and b  atone for our sins,
for your c  name’s sake!

Proverbs 18:10

10 d  The name of the  Lord is e  a strong tower;
the righteous man runs into it and f  is safe.

Isaiah 64:2

Ch 64:1 in Hebrew
as when fire kindles brushwood
and the fire causes water to boil
h  to make your name known to your adversaries,
and that the nations might tremble at your presence!

Jeremiah 14:7

7 Though our iniquities testify against us,
act, O  Lord, i  for your name’s sake;
j  for our backslidings are many;
k  we have sinned against you.

Jeremiah 14:21

21Do not spurn us, l  for your name’s sake;
do not dishonor your glorious throne;
m  remember and do not break your covenant with us.

Ezekiel 20:9

9 n  But I acted o  for the sake of my name p  that it should not be profaned in the sight of the nations among whom they lived, q  in whose sight I made myself known to them in bringing them out of the land of Egypt.

Ezekiel 20:22

22 r  But I withheld my hand s  and acted for the sake of my name t  that it should not be profaned in the sight of the nations, in whose sight I had brought them out.

Ezekiel 20:44

44And you shall know that I am the  Lord, u  when I deal with you for my name’s sake, v  not according to your evil ways, nor according to your corrupt deeds, O house of Israel, declares the Lord  God.”

Matthew 6:9

9 w  Pray then like this:

x  Our Father in heaven,
y  hallowed be z  your name.
Or Let your name be kept holy, or Let your name be treated with reverence

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