1 Thessalonians 2

Christ is the cause of the deliverance of believers from the wrath to come. This they feel and acknowledge, and to him they give the glory. At Philippi; Ac 16:19-24.

Much contention; conflict with opposers, and the dangers and difficulties thence arising.
Not of deceit, nor of uncleanness; it did not spring from deceit, nor impure motives.

Nor in guile; we had no crafty designs of our own to accomplish under the cloak of preaching the gospel.
Allowed of God; approved of God, as the original means. Neither--used we--a cloak of covetousness; they had not used religion to conceal any covetous or selfish purpose. Been burdensome; or, as the margin, used authority, exacted honor of you. Others understand the word of requiring support from the Thessalonians, verse 1Th 2:9. The great object of ministers in preaching the gospel, should be not the praises of men, but the approbation of God. Our own souls; our lives: he was so desirous of their salvation, that he was willing not only to labor, but if need be to die to promote it. In their manner of preaching and in their intercourse with men, ministers should be kind, gentle, courteous, upright, and sincere--not merely or principally for the purpose of pleasing men, but of doing them good. Travail; hard and wearisome toil.

Laboring; the reference is to manual labor to obtain the means of support.
Effectually worketh; leading them to repent of their sins and believe in Christ. When the truths of the Bible are received as coming from God, they will be mightily efficacious, under the influence of his Spirit, to enlighten, sanctify, and save. Heb 4:12,13. Contrary to all men; opposed to them, scorning all Gentiles, and hating even Jews who believe on Christ. To speak; proclaim the gospel.

To fill up their sins; unwilling to believe themselves, or to have the Gentiles believe, they filled up the cup of their iniquities and of God's vengeance.

The wrath is come; the wrath of God. It was already at their door, ready to fall upon them and consume them to the uttermost. This epistle was written but a few years before the awful overthrow of Jerusalem and the Jewish nations by the Romans. Men are naturally so wicked, that, if left to themselves, they will not only reject the Saviour, but oppose the preaching of him to others. This is exceedingly offensive to God, and exposes all who are guilty of it to his wrath.
Being taken from you; bereaved of you, as the original word means. The apostle felt, in his separation from the Thessalonians, like a father bereaved of his children. Hindered us; the agency which Satan employed was probably that of wicked men. Efforts for the salvation of souls are hated and opposed, not only by wicked men, but by Satan; and often he succeeds in hindering good men from doing what they might otherwise accomplish. Sinners who are converted and saved in answer to the prayers and through the instrumentality of Christians, will be jewels in their crown of everlasting joy.
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