1 Thessalonians 3

No longer forbear; so desirous was he of hearing from them, that he could not consistently wait any longer. Be moved; be led to renounce his religion on account of the trials to which it exposed him.

We are appointed; it is a part of God's gracious plan that his people in this world should suffer trials. Christians should see and acknowledge the hand of God in their trials as well as their mercies, and never be led by them to renounce their confidence in him, or their devotion to his service.
The tempter; Satan.

Have tempted you; to deny Christ.
We live; our life is bound up in your spiritual welfare. To hear of this fills us with joy. Compare chap 1Th 2:19, 20. When Christians are steadfast and persevering in the faith and practice of the gospel, those ministers of Christ who have been instrumental in their conversion give the glory to God, and rejoice with exceeding great joy. At the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; when the result of God's work of sanctification in the hearts of believers shall be made manifest in its perfection. Increasing love to Christians on account of their attachment and likeness to Christ, and earnest desires to promote the highest good of men, are powerful means of perseverance in holiness and preparation for heaven.
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