2 Corinthians 9

The ministering to the saints; making the collection for the Christians in Judea. Achaia; that part of Greece of which Corinth was the capital.

Was ready; to make a collection.
Our boasting of you; of their readiness liberally to contribute. Unprepared--be ashamed; if it should be found that no collection had been made. Wise and good ministers exceedingly desire that Christians should be prompt and liberal in their benefactions, and will be disposed to make honorable mention of such as are so, that others may be led to imitate their example. Go before; before he went himself, accompanied by others of Macedonia.

Bounty--not as of covetousness; as a freewill-offering, not as if extorted by importunity.
Shall reap--sparingly--bountifully; men will be rewarded in proportion to what, from love to Christ, they do for his cause. Cheerful contributions for Christians who are in want are peculiarly pleasing to God, and the greater the amount in proportion to their means, which any rightly bestow, the greater will be their reward. All grace; every good gift. As it is written; Ps 112:9.

His righteousness; as manifested in his works of love and mercy.

Remaineth for ever; in the original Hebrew, standeth for ever, that is, endureth firm, being acknowledged and upheld by God. It follows that he himself stands firm for ever in God's favor. Compare the following clause of the psalm, "His horn shall be exalted with honor."
He; God.

Multiply your seed sown; increase your means of doing good.

The fruits of your righteousness; the blessed results to yourselves and others.
To all bountifulness; that they might do greater good, and thus lead many to bless God.

Through us; as the dispensers of your liberality.

Thanksgiving to God; from those who receive it; and so verse 2Co 9:12.
The administration of this service; the distribution of their bounty.

Is abundant--unto God; will cause many thanks to God.
By the experiment of this ministration; through the experience they have of your liberality in ministering to their wants.

For your professed subjection unto the gospel of Christ; literally, for the subjection of your profession towards the gospel of Christ. Their Christian profession was not empty, and in name only; it was accompanied by true obedience.
By their prayer; which they will offer for your good.

Which long after you; or, while they long after you, with Christian affection.

For; on account of.

The exceeding grace of God in you; as manifested in your deeds of love and mercy.
Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift; Jesus Christ, and the grace through him which produces in men fruits of righteousness. To liberal contributions Christians are urged not only by a wise regard to their own good, but by gratitude to God for the freeness and greatness of his love in the gift of a Saviour, through whom they receive all the good which they enjoy in this world, and all which they hope for in the world to come.
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