2 Peter 1

These things; the truths and duties he had inculcated. One of the best ways of doing the greatest good for time and eternity, is to lead all people, as far as possible, rightly to understand and permanently to remember the truths God has revealed; and thus keep before them the motives he presents to lead men to believe and obey him. Coming of our Lord; his second coming in that divine majesty of which the apostle and his two companions had a glimpse on the mount of transfiguration. In the holy mount; Mt 17:1-5. More sure; better fitted to carry universal conviction, because it is more comprehensive, resting not on a single revelation, but on a whole system of revelations.

Word of prophecy; the prophecies of Scripture concerning the Messiah.

The day dawn; the day of mature knowledge.

The day-star; which is the forerunner of the perfect day.
First; as first in importance.

Is of any private interpretation; that is, as the original seems to mean, comes of the prophet's own interpretation. He does not invent his prophecies. They are not his own private unfolding of God's counsels, but that which the Holy Ghost makes through him, as the apostle immediately proceeds to show, verse 2Pe 1:21.
As the Holy Ghost is the author of scripture prophecies, they cannot be made to mean whatever men may choose, or any thing except what God intended, and what in his providence has been or will be exactly accomplished.
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