2 Thessalonians 3

Have free course; not be obstructed and hindered in its progress.

Be glorified; by manifesting its divine power in the salvation of all who believe.
Have not faith; faith in the gospel. They reject it, and manifest unreasonable and wicked opposition towards those who preach it or receive it. Prayer is as really instrumental in the success of the gospel as preaching; and is one of the most powerful means of being delivered from, or of overcoming the opposition of the wicked. The Lord is faithful; to all his promises, and may be safely trusted. Disorderly; not according to the rule of God's word, as the apostle had taught them.

Tradition; in the sense of precepts. See note to chap 2Th 2:15. Not to associate with members of the church who by their sins disgrace their profession, is one of the divinely appointed means for bringing them to repentance, and thus preventing their ruin. Verse 2Th 3:14.
Power; authority and right, according to the gospel, to receive support while preaching it.

An ensample; of diligence in business and readiness to labor and suffer for the good of others. True benevolence will lead persons sometimes to omit enforcing their just rights, in order to do greater good to their fellow-men. 1Co 1:9-18.
Neither should he eat; he should not be supported from the earnings of others. Idleness is a great sin, and the supporting of idle persons by private or public charity, or in any way which encourages them in idleness, should be conscientiously avoided. Busybodies; neglecting their own business and meddling with that which does not belong to them. All who can, should be habitually diligent in useful and appropriate business. If necessary, it should be done for their own support; and if not necessary for this, it should be done for the purpose of assisting others. Which is the token; mark by which the epistle may be known to be from me. The preceding part of the epistle had been written, as usual, by an amanuensis.

In every epistle; these words need not be taken with any limitation; where he does not expressly mention the fact, it is still probable that the closing benediction was from his own hand.
Those who are blessed with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ will be furnished, in obeying him, with all needed good for time and eternity.
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