2 Timothy 2

True religion gives a man hearty, steadfast friends, who, in trials when others turn away, will stand by him, sympathize with him, and if possible render him any aid which he needs. The things that thou hast heard--among many witnesses; the solemn charge of doctrine and practice committed by the apostle to Timothy in the presence of many witnesses. Ability and disposition to teach the truths of gospel from love to God and to men, are essential qualifications in ministers of Christ; and none who do not possess them, should be introduced into the sacred office. Endure hardness; such hardships as he would meet with in preaching the gospel. Warreth; enlists as a soldier.

The affairs of this life; the various kinds of business which other men pursue.

Please him; his commander, by devoting himself undividedly to his service. So Timothy must devote himself wholly to Christ in the work of the gospel.
Lawfully; according to the laws which, in the Grecian games to which the apostle alluded, governed those who sought the prize. The husbandman; must first labor, according to the laws which God has established, before he can be partaker of the fruits. So with ministers. Verses 2Ti 2:4,5. Understanding; of the instruction which what he had said was suited to convey. Consideration and divine teaching are both needful in order to a right understanding of truth and duty. All should therefore exercise the one and seek the other. In so doing, they will find that there is no inconsistency between human agency and human dependence--that both are true and operate in delightful harmony together. Was raised from the dead; so that you serve a risen Saviour, able to bestow upon you a glorious reward. Wherein I suffer trouble; in the preaching of which gospel.

Is not bound; opposers cannot prevent its progress.
The elect's sake; those whom God has chosen to salvation. If we be dead with him; with Christ. See notes to Ro 6:3-11. Suffer; suffer with him. Faithful; to all his promises and threatenings.

Deny himself; be untrue to his own character and declarations. The words can and cannot, like many other words in the Bible, are used in different senses; and if we would understand them correctly, we must consider the subject about which they are spoken, and the connection in which they stand.
Subverting of the hearers; turning them away from the truth. Dividing the word of truth; communicating to each the portion suited to his wants. They will increase; or they, that is, the men who are given to these babblings, will proceed to more ungodliness. Compare chap. 2Ti 3:13. Their word; their pernicious teachings.

Will eat as doth a canker; will eat into the spiritual body as a mortifying sore spreads through the natural body. The words describe both the malignant nature and the contagious character of false teachings.
That the resurrection is past already; perhaps they explained the doctrine of the resurrection figuratively of the regeneration of men's souls by the grace of the gospel. The foundation; Jesus Christ, on whom are built the church of God and the hopes of his people. Isa 28:16; 1Co 3:10-15; Eph 2:19-22.

This seal; this double inscription written upon it.

Knoweth--his; and will keep them from the seductions of the wicked. This gives one mark of the true believer.

Depart from iniquity; this gives the other mark. All who are on "the foundation of God" exhibit both these marks.
A great house; which here represents the visible church of God.

Vessels of gold and of silver--of wood and of earth; a figurative way of saying that in Christ's visible church there will be found the precious and the vile. Compare the parables of the tares in the field, Mt 13:24-30,36-43, and of the net cast into the sea, verses Mt 13:47-50.
Purge himself from these; these vessels of dishonor, by avoiding them and their defilement. Men must not only believe on Christ, but live pure and holy lives, in order to be saved. Instruction is a great means of leading men to repentance; but while it is their duty without delay to repent, they are so wicked that without the grace of God they never will do it. Repentance when exercised is therefore the gift of God. The snare of the devil; set to ruin them, by inducing them to embrace error. Temptations to embrace error are snares of the devil in order to ruin men. From such snares all who have been caught are bound, by believing and obeying the truth, to recover themselves.
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