Acts 1

Ye might believe; exercise living faith in Christ, and through this faith be justified, sanctified, and saved. As the object of God in causing his truth to be written and printed was, that men might believe and be saved, all should be taught, and should be disposed to read it. It was given in this form to promote the salvation of men, and is often rendered effectual by the Holy Spirit for this purpose. It should therefore, without hinderance and without delay, be circulated among all people.The former treaties; the gospel of Luke. The book of Acts was written by Luke, and addressed to the same individual to whom he addressed his gospel. Lu 1:3.

Began both to do and teach; the meaning is, that he has given Jesus' works and teachings from the beginning.
The day in which he was taken up; taken up to heaven. Lu 24:51. His passion; his suffering, especially on the cross. As the resurrection of Christ was a demonstration of his Messiahship, and of the truth and justice of his claims, God has given to those who have the Bible infallible evidence of the absolute certainty of that great event. The promise; the promise of the Holy Spirit.

Heard of me; Joh 14:16,26; 15:26; 16:7-13.
John truly baptized with water; Mt 3:11; Mr 1:8; Lu 3:16; Joh 1:33. Restore again the kingdom; the temporal kingdom, by delivering the Jews from the power of the Romans. The times or the seasons; for the establishment of earthly kingdoms. The words contain a general rebuke of that curiosity which engages men in vain questions about the times and seasons of God's providential dealings with men. The more eagerly good men pry into what is not revealed, and what God did not design that they should know, the more likely they will be to misapprehend and neglect what he has revealed, and what deeply concerns both themselves and their fellow-men. It is therefore the dictate of wisdom always to remember, that secret things belong unto God, and things revealed to us and our children. De 29:29. Ye shall receive power; he turns away their thoughts from these vain inquiries to the spiritual office and work for which they are about to be furnished from on high. Two men; angels in the form of men. Lu 24:4; Joh 20:12. So come; come to judgment. Mt 26:64; Re 1:7. The certainty that Jesus Christ will come to judgment should lead every man to continue in the faithful discharge of his appropriate duties, that when the Saviour shall appear he may be found ready, and lift up his head with joy, knowing that his eternal redemption has come. A sabbath-day's journey; a little less than a mile. Mary the mother of Jesus; this is the only time she is mentioned after the resurrection of Christ, and she was with other redeemed sinners supplicating God for mercy. The fact that Mary the mother of Jesus attended with others, when they met to implore divine mercy, is evidence that she, as well as they, needed mercy; that she was a sinner, and like other sinners, could be saved only through the rich grace of God in Jesus Christ. This scripture; that quoted in verse Ac 1:20. This man purchased; he was the occasion of purchasing, as it was purchased with the money which he received for betraying Christ.

Falling headlong; he first hanged himself, Mt 27:5, and then fell as here mentioned.
The book of Psalms; Ps 69:25; 109:8.

Bishopric; office. Men may be as free and accountable, as praise worthy or blame worthy in doing what the Bible declared before they were born that they would do, as if it had said nothing about them.
From the baptism of John; the time when Christ entered on the duties of his public ministry. Which knowest the hearts of all; this is the peculiar prerogative of God. 1Ch 28:9; Ps 139:1,23; Jer 17:10; Joh 2:24,25; 21:17;

Re 2:18,23; and yet this prayer was evidently addressed to Christ.
His own place; his appropriate abode; that for which he was fitted; the place of torment. Mt 25:46;26:24. In the future world every man will go to the place for which he is prepared. To be prepared for heaven, he must in this world be heavenly in temper and conduct. If he is not, his place in the next world will be in hell. Ps 9:17; Mt 5:30; 10:28; Lu 16:23; Re 20:14.
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