Acts 14

In preaching, the manner, as well as the matter, is important; and it should be the earnest desire, the fervent prayer, and the diligent effort of every minister of the gospel, so to speak that multitudes of all classes shall, through the grace of God, be led to believe. Gave testimony; proved the truth of what they taught, by enabling them in his name to work miracles. When great numbers embrace the gospel, those who continue to reject it are often filled with wrath against those who preach it. The community is divided. A part join the friends, and a part the enemies of Christ, and great commotions follow. These results wicked men attribute to the gospel; but they spring from opposition to it and the opposers, not the faithful preachers of the gospel, are responsible for the evils thus occasioned. Lystra and Derbe; cities of Lycaonia, a province of Asia Minor. Faith to be healed; confidence in the power of Christ, by means of Paul, to heal him. Speech of Lycaonia; the language of that province. Jupiter; considered by the Greeks and Romans as the greatest of their gods.

Mercurius; regarded as the god of eloquence.
Before their city; in front of their city was a temple dedicated to Jupiter.

Garlands; wreaths of flowers, with which they decorated the victims to be offered in sacrifice.
Rent their clothes; in token of their abhorrence of such sacrifices. Men of like passions; frail, sinful, dying men.

These vanities; the worship of false and imaginary gods. Faithful ministers of the gospel will be careful to let none think of them as any thing more than men, of like infirmities with other men; and if they are instrumental of good, they will inculcate upon all that the glory belongs wholly to God.
All nations; the gentile world.

Their own ways; ways of idolatry and wickedness, without a written revelation.
Witness; evidences of his existence, power, and goodness. Persuaded the people; persuaded them that Paul and Barnabas were bad men, and deceivers. Confirming the souls; instructing and establishing them in the faith and practice of the gospel. Ordained them elders; set apart persons to take the care, oversight, and instruction of the churches. Churches need officers to take the oversight of them, to instruct them, and labor for their spiritual good; and it is proper that they should be set apart to this work, that the influences of the Holy Spirit should be sought for them, and they be particularly commended to his gracious guidance and care. Pamphylia; on their way back towards Antioch in Syria, from which they went. Chap Ac 13:1. Attalia; a seaport in Pamphylia from which they could sail to Antioch. The work which they fulfilled; the missionary work to which they had been appointed, chap Ac 13:2,3. The church; the disciples at Antioch.

Opened the door of faith unto the Gentiles; prepared the way to preach to them the gospel, and led them to embrace it. Correct accounts of the manner in which God has delivered his people from trials, and crowned their labors with his blessing, are very useful. They lead Christians to put greater confidence in him, to pray more earnestly for spiritual blessings, and with increased fidelity use the means which are needful to obtain them.
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