Acts 22

The best defence which a man can make of himself and his conduct often is to give a plain statement of the providences of God of the reasons which satisfied his own mind, and which, in his view, ought to satisfy the minds of others. Tarsus; chap Ac 21:39.

This city; Jerusalem.

Gamaliel; a celebrated Jewish teacher.
This way; the christian cause. High-priest; chap Ac 9:1,2.

Estate of the elders; the Sanhedrin, or national council of the Jews.
6-13. The conversion of Paul. Chap Ac 9:3-18. Heard not; see note to chap Ac 9:7. Shouldest--see that Just One; Jesus Christ. Chap Ac 3:14; 7:52. See also note to chap Ac 9:17. Persecutors of Christ and his cause are sometimes made his cordial friends, and eminently instrumental in extending the triumphs of his kingdom, having been chosen to salvation, through sanctification of the Spirit, and belief of the truth. 2Th 2:13. Wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord; be cleansed by the Holy Spirit, through faith in Christ and obedience to his commands. Him; the Lord Jesus Christ. They know that I imprisoned; he thought that the knowledge which the men of Jerusalem had of his former treatment of the Christians would convince them of his sincerity, and dispose them to listen to his arguments. But the Saviour, who better knew their hearts, saw that it would not. Stephen; chap Ac 7:58; 8:1. Christ not only calls his ministers, but assigns them the places and conditions in which they are to labor. These may be very different from what they, if left to themselves, would select; yet he orders them in wisdom, and if his servants follow his directions, he will render them as useful as will best promote his glory, and the highest good of his kingdom. Unto this word; that God would send him to the Gentiles. That the Gentiles should be admitted to equal privileges with the Jews in the Messiah's kingdom, was that doctrine which above all others gave offence to them. Threw dust; expressive of their abhorrence. Castle; chap Ac 21:34.

Scourging; whipping--a Roman mode of torturing men, to make them confess their crimes.

That he might know; his ignorance of the Hebrew tongue, used by both Paul and his enemies, probably prevented him from understanding the nature of the charge made against the apostle.
Thongs; cords or straps.

A Roman; a Roman citizen. As civil government is an ordinance of God, it is sometimes proper, when assailed, to avail ourselves of its protection. True religion inculcates submission under trials, and the use of all suitable means to avoid and remove them.
This freedom; of Roman citizenship. This was sometimes conferred as a reward for distinguished services, sometimes inherited, and sometimes bought with money. The chief captain--was afraid; to bind a Roman citizen, uncondemned, for the purpose of scourging him, was contrary to the Roman law, and exposed him who did it to severe punishment. Have known the certainty; the crime of which he was accused.

Them; the Jewish council.
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