Acts 3

Ninth hour; three o'clock in the afternoon. The Jews had daily three hours of prayer, the third, sixth, and ninth, or at nine, twelve, and three o'clock. Da 6:10; Ps 55:17. Those who love God will love stated seasons for prayer, and will be disposed, as they have opportunity, daily to observe them. In prayer they commune with their greatest and best friend, and become more and more partakers of his excellence and joy. Called Beautiful; this was a very splendid gate on the east side of the temple, near to Solomon's porch. Joh 10:23. Such as I have; the power, namely, to cure him of his lameness.

In the name of Jesus Christ; when the Saviour wrought miracles, the power existed in himself. He performed them in his Father's name only in the sense that the Father had sent him to do them. Joh 5:36; Joh 10:25. But when the power was wholly in Christ, and they obtained the exercise of it through faith in him. Compare verses Ac 3:12,16. All persons may be useful. If they cannot do good in one way, they may in another; and true religion will lead them to do it. They will make efforts for this purpose, and depend upon the power and grace of Christ for success.
Good men, when their efforts to be useful succeed, will not ascribe it to their own wisdom, power, or goodness, but to the grace and power of Christ, and they will give him the glory. Glorified his Son; by showing in his resurrection and ascension that he was the Messiah, and that his claim to be divine was just. Denied the Holy One; Ps 16:10; Ac 2:27; Mt 27:16-26. His name; his power.

Faith--hath given him this perfect soundness; faith was the means, Peter the instrument, and Christ the cause of the cure. Not only the manner in which Christ wrought miracles, but the manner in which the apostles wrought them and spoke of them, was adapted to lead men to view Christ as the author of those miracles, and to unite in honoring him as they honor the Father. Joh 5:23.
Through ignorance; they did not know when they crucified him, that he was the Messiah. They ought to have known it; and had they rightly improved their means of knowledge, they would have known it. But they hated him, and rejected the light, because their deeds were evil. Joh 15:24,25; 3:20; Lu 23:34; Ac 13:27; 1Co 2:8; 1Ti 1:13. Christ should suffer; Ps 16:10,11; 22:15-18; 69:1-21; Isa 53:3-10; Da 9:26. Be converted; turn from all your sins to the love and service of God.

When the times of refreshing shall come; the connection of these words with the following verses shows that their primary reference must be to that great season of refreshing when Christ shall come again from heaven to judge his enemies, and give rest to his people. 2Th 1:7-10. Of this, the spiritual refreshments which he now gives through the outpouring of his Spirit are types and earnests. At that great day of refreshing, the sins of all who are found in Christ will be publicly blotted out, and they received with him to glory. By repentance and conversion, through the merits and grace of Christ, sin may be pardoned, and men delivered from its power and punishment. All therefore to whom he is made known, are bound thus to secure these in estimable blessings.
Which before was preached; proclaimed in the Old Testament scriptures, and afterwards more plainly made known by himself and his disciples. But another reading of the original is, "which was before ordained for you;" namely, to come as your Messiah, suffer, and be glorified. Compare chap Ac 2:23; 1Pe 1:20. Times of restitution; when Christ shall appear in his glory, establish his kingdom as foretold in the Scriptures, and reward every man according to his works. Mt 25:31-46. Moses truly said; De 18:15-19.

Like unto me; Christ was like unto Moses in being appointed of God to make known his will, and being a divinely commissioned leader of his people.
Will not hear that Prophet; will not obey the Messiah. Samuel; 2Sa 7:16,25,29. Which God made with our fathers; Ge 12:3; 18:18; 22:18; Gal 3:16. Unto you first; the Jews. Isa 59:20; Mt 10:5,6; Lu 24:47; Joh 1:11.
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