John 13

Before the feast of the passover; our Lord ate the passover with his disciples on the evening of the Thursday before his crucifixion. Mt 26:17; Mr 14:12; Lu 22:7. From the statement of John, chap Joh 18:28; 19:14, some have inferred that, for reasons unknown to us--possibly from a difference in regard to the computation of time--a portion of the Jews, including the Jewish rulers, were in the habit of celebrating the passover one day later than the other portion. The love of Jesus Christ to his people is unchanging. They may therefore safely put their trust in him. Ro 8:37-39. Supper being ended; rather, supper having come; for after he had washed his disciples' feet, he reclined again, verse Joh 13:12, and the supper went on, verse Joh 13:26. Knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he was come from God, and went to God; as much as to say, he performed this act of condescending love with the full consciousness of his divine dignity and the heavenly glory which awaited him. His garments; his mantle or outer garment. Knowest not now; but thou shalt know; the meaning or object of what he did. If I wash thee not; though the primary object of this washing, as explained by the Saviour himself, was to set his disciples an example of humility and love, he here uses it as a symbol of the spiritual cleansing which they must receive from him. Unless men are purified from the love and practice of sin by the Spirit of Christ, they have no interest in his salvation. Not my feet only; if this washing be necessary to my having a part with thee, let it extend to my whole person. He that is washed; that is, bathed, as the original implies, which here uses a different word from the preceding. The bathing represents "the washing of regeneration," which the apostles, with one exception, have already received.

Save to wash his feet; which have been soiled in passing from the bath to his own home. This beautifully sets forth the daily cleansing which even regenerated men need from the defilement of daily life.

Clean, but not all; washed in the bath or regeneration, with one exception.
Know ye; do you understand the meaning? An example; of humility, condescension, and love. To inculcate the importance of these was his object in doing what was usually done by a servant. These things; the truths which he had been teaching them. In imitating the example of Christ, especially his humility, condescension, and kindness--in believing his declarations, trusting in his merits, and obeying his commands, men may be supremely and eternally blessed. The scripture; Ps 41:9; strikingly fulfilled in Judas. Ye may believe; have new evidence that I am the Messiah, and continue to believe it. Whomsoever I send; as my minister. Christ is greatly grieved when any of his professed disciples so conduct as to injure themselves, dishonor him, and bring reproach on his cause. Leaning on Jesus' bosom; the guests reclined on couches, each resting on his left elbow, with a pillow supporting his head, his face towards the table, and his feet towards the hinder part of the couch. As John lay next below Jesus, his head was in front of the Saviour's bosom; and in asking a question, he would naturally turn his head over and lean it upon his Master's breast.

One of his disciples; John, the writer of this book.
A sop--dipped; a piece of food dipped in the sauce used on that occasion. Entered into him; took full possession of him, and instigated him to carry out the purpose, already formed under his influence, of betraying his Master. Compare ver Joh 13:2. Is the Son of man glorified; the hour of his conflict with Satan was to be that of His triumph over him and exaltation to heaven. Glorify him; in his death, resurrection, and ascension, as the conqueror of death and hell. As I said; chap Joh 7:34. A new commandment; new as to its peculiar application to Christians, the clearness and power with which it was taught, and the motives with which it was enforced. One decisive evidence of love to Christ is love to his people. The manifestation of this, while it is among the brightest evidences of true religion, is also among the most powerful means of leading men to embrace it. Chap Joh 17:21. Thou shalt follow me; through death upon the cross, to heaven. Chap Joh 21:18,19. Net crow; Mt 26:74; Lu 22:60.
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