Luke 10

Other seventy; in addition to the twelve whom he had before appointed. Chap Lu 9:1,2.

Into every city and place; in order to prepare the people for his coming. When Christ is about to visit a place in mercy, he, in his providence, often prepares the way for it; and the manner in which the manifestations of his will are treated, shows the character of his inhabitants, and the way in which they will receive him.
The harvest; the need and opportunity of preaching the gospel.

Laborers; preachers. Mt 9:36-38.
Lambs among wolves; Mt 10:16. 3-16. Instruction to the seventy disciples. Mt 10:11-15,40; 11:20-24. Purse--scrip; Mt 10:9,10.

Salute no man; the mode of salutation then was more formal than now. He would not have them hindered by giving or receiving salutations, but would have them proceed directly to their work.
Son of peace be there; a man of a peaceful spirit, who will kindly receive you, and to whom you may give the blessing of God's peace. The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you; the opportunity is given to embrace the Messiah and experience his salvation. Those who reject the gospel reject the Saviour; and the greater their light, if they do not improve it, the greater will be their guilt and the more dreadful their condemnation. Chap Lu 12:47,48. The devils are subject unto us through thy name; when, in reliance on thee, we command them to come out, they obey. I beheld Satan--fall from heaven; the casting of Satan from heaven--probably with allusion to his original fall from heaven--means casting him out of his power over this world. Compare Re 12:7-9. This the Saviour saw from eternity in its beginning and completion. Every time that he encountered Satan, he overcame him; and the casting out of devils in his name was a sign and pledge that Satan, the prince of devils, shall, through the progress of His gospel, be finally cast out of all his power over this world. To tread on serpents and scorpions; to tread on literal serpents and scorpions without harm, and to overcome wicked men, who are like serpents and scorpions in character.

Nothing shall by any means hurt you; the chief reference of these words is to the spiritual victory which Christ gives his servants over all evil, of which the outward deliverances sometimes vouchsafed to them in this world are symbols and pledges. Compare Ro 8:28,37. Christ is able to give his ministers all the aid which they need for the discharge of their duties. In his name and strength they may commence their work, and go on from conquering to conquer, till every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that he is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Your names are written in heaven; as heirs of eternal life. Things hid from the wise and prudent. Mt 11:25-27. Things seen by the disciples. Mt 13:16,17. A certain lawyer; one whose business it was to study, explain, and teach the divine law.

Tempted him; put his wisdom to the test.
The attention of those who inquire what they shall do to be saved, should be directed to the great fact, that by the works of the law they cannot be justified, and that the only way of salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ, who is "the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth." 27, 28. Love to God and man. Mt 22:37-40; Le 19:18; De 6:4,5. Justify himself; maintain that he could not be condemned for having broken the divine law.

Who is my neighbor? who is the person whom I am to love as myself?
Jericho; about twenty miles north-east of Jerusalem, and seven from the Jordan.

Fell among thieves; more exactly, fell among robbers. The road from Jerusalem to Jericho led through a wilderness abounding in narrow and rocky passes, and was anciently, as now, infested with robbers.
By chance; without any design to help the Jew, or knowledge of his condition. A Levite; the Levites assisted the priests in the services of the temple. The love which the law of God requires, leads those who have it to do good, not merely to their friends or countrymen, but, as they have opportunity, to all, in imitation of Him who makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends his rain on the just and on the unjust, and "who, though he was rich, for our sakes became poor, that we through his poverty might be rich." Two pence; in value about twenty-eight cents, or the price of two days' labor. Mt 20:2.

The host; the keeper of the inn.
Was neighbor; the ruler, who would have restricted the word neighbor to a very narrow circle of friends, is shown that all men whom he has the power of benefiting are his neighbors, and that he owes to all a debt of love and self-denial. A certain village; Bethany. Mt 21:17. Cumbered; busily occupied.

Much serving; in providing entertainment for her guests. Though diligence in business and proper regard to family concerns are duties which should by no means be neglected, yet we may be so engrossed in them, and so troubled about them, as greatly to displease the Saviour, and injure ourselves. Our first regard should be for God, and our chief concern to learn and do his will. He will then so order his providence, that we never shall want any thing essential to our highest good.
Careful; anxious, perplexed.

Many things; with regard to this world.
One thing is needful; needful especially, above all other things.

That good part; the favor of God, through love and obedience to his commands.

Shall not be taken away; Job 17:9; Joh 4:14; 10:27-30.
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